What Your University Says About You

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So I've mostly included Russell Group Universities, but here's my impressions of these different universities. Agree/disagree? Your opinions?

University of Birmingham - relatively intelligent people who you could go get a pint in the bar with; mostly decent down-to-earth types who'll probably end up being a manager later in life

University of Bristol - posh kids who couldn't get into Oxbridge

Durham University - even posher kids who couldn't get into Oxbridge

University of Cambridge - half posh public schoolers, half geeks who can't maintain eye-contact for more than 10 second

University of Oxford - see above

Cardiff University - any sheeps for ****ing?

University of Edinburgh - girls with names Tilly and guys with names like Oliver who come up to Scotland to work semi-hard

University of Exeter - posh country tw**s

University of Glasgow - where the smart Scottish kids go

Imperial College London - day 16 and still no sight of a female; smart kids with loads of internationals

University College London - cool liberal people who have a brain and internationals

Kings College London - where you go if you didn't get into UCL

University of Leeds - where slightly dim public schools go

LSE - very smart serious people afraid to smile

University of Liverpool - why is this even a Russell Group?

University of Manchester - mix of regular decent types and posh kids who want to go to a big city to have a good time and still a good degree

Newcastle University - full of posh, public school kids who have names like Jeffery Wonder-Wotsit who've immigrated from the South and people who couldn't get into Durham; full of posh girls with their legs open

University of Nottingham - where middle-class kids go to meet other middle-class kids

Queen Mary - I thought this was a Sixth Form College?

Queen's University Belfast - most down to earth of all the Russell Groups

University of Sheffield - nicey nice types who couldn't get into Newcastle or Leeds

University of Southampton - middle-class kids whose idea of a good time is... well they don't really have a good time due to being a bit dull

University of Warwick - smart kids who like concrete

University of York - boring kids who want to be around other boring kids in a boring area and get a decent degree

St Andrews - basically an extension of Durham

University of Bath - full of nicey nice people again and hasn't been discovered by the public schools yet

Loughborough University - not the brightest but damn they can play rugby
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Durham has it's fare share of posh kids. Not all of whom are arrogant and self centred. But it also has a lot of your average People too, I consider myself to be average, at least socially.

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