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    Hi all!

    I have started working part time in a restaurant. I was told I needed to bring my own float of money so I could give change to customers. I've worked there for about a week and I was wondering how my float was slowly reducing in change, even with tips. I asked the manager and he said it was because I had to give 2.5% of my table's total bill to the kitchen. So for example, I served 4 tables yesterday, all had about £100 bill each. Therefore, I had to give 2.5% of £400 (£10, I think :/). However, due to the crappy food the kitchen was serving, none of them left me a tip which meant I had to give £10 out of my own money?! How is this legal? Any one else experienced this?

    Any feedback would be great.
    Thank You!

    There is no way that can be legal. Speak to your manager, check whether this is written into your contract in any way, and demand that £10 back. if they won't give it, get the hell out of there.
    It's perfectly reasonable to give a percentage of your tips to the kitchen, since the quality of the food is at least slightly important in deciding to tip, and most customers won't tip the kitchen directly, but this is effectively forcing you to pay the kitchen's wages...from your own pocket!

    Edit: just re-read and saw that your manager is taking this out of your float automatically, and the £10 yesterday wasn't the first example! Have words NOW!

    I'm a bit confused here. These tables gave you £400 for their food. What happened to that £400? Does that go to your manager? If so that's paying the kitchen for their food. If you were to get tips then they could claim a percentage of that but if you've not received any tips there's nothing for them either.

    Either way, it all sounds rather dodgy to me what's going on here. They should be able to provide you with a float, rather than you using your own cash.
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