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Ethnic minority organisations - is it time white British people had them too? Watch

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    I am really interested to know what other people think about this.

    I am talking about community organisations, the kind of which exist to help, support and encourage ethnic minority groups. These organisations receive funding and support directly from the UK government. They provide social benefits to different ethnic groups in a variety of different ways. All of the established ethnic minority groups within the UK are represented in most if not all parts of the country.

    As most of us are aware, the white British population is ageing and declining. That however, is no way saying it is disappearing. Far from it.

    The ethnic make-up of the UK remains overwhelming 'White British'. More than 80% of British people class themselves as such, making it the single largest ethnic group in the UK today.

    However, population and society never remain static and are always changing and evolving. It must also be acknowledged that in many areas, especially in the main English cities, white Britons are a far smaller grouptoday than at any other point in the past. In many places, they now qualify as a minority group (albeit the largest minority in most cases, but a minority nonetheless).

    I believe that WB-minority organisations would be particularly beneficial to elderly people, many of whom have few living family members and sadly live lives of complete and desperate isolation. This is a problem facing old people across the country, but in places that are now WB-minority, the problem is likely to be higher.

    In such cases, the quality of life of the elderl could be drastically improved if their particular social and cultural needs were met.

    Another WB sub-group who would benefit from community organisations are working-class white boys. The educational shortcomings of this group are often touched on by the press, but so far no-one has come up with any viable solution to the problem.

    WB-minority organisations could help to improve the educational aspirations and achievements of young white boys while also helping them with such common issues as low self-esteem, bullying, family life etc.

    I honestly see no difference between catering for a white British minority and catering for any other minority. These types of ethnicity focused organisations have a proven track record in delivering positive changes and empowering communities over the decades. Such positive elements should not be limited to certain groups while completely neglecting and disregarding others. Minorities, regardless of their ethnic origins, should be encouraged and supported.

    So I'm throwing this out there to hear what other people think about it. Hopefully this will make for an interesting and thought-provoking discussion.

    I think a lot of groups and societies are aimed at ethnic minorities because they are unfamiliar with British culture and language, they want to maintain a lifestyle similar to what they have back home and they want to associate with people from the same background.

    I don't think any of the factors apply to native Britons. Of course native Britons have their own groups based on shared background, interests or demographics.

    As far as I am aware, native Britons can take part in the activities of ethnic minority groups especially it they have married/partnered with a member of the ethnic minority. I don't think its really necessary to have separate groups for native and none native Britons.

    I must say, this is a very interesting topic to discuss and I haven't paid a great deal of attention to the ageing and declining population of White Britons

    I think those who are born in the United Kingdom are granted with a wealth of pre-existing opportunity, for the most part, that is readily accessible; irrespective of skin colour.

    Ultimately, Britain is diversifying at a rate that's probably wasnt forecasted realisticly. However I do believe there ought to be more inclusive practices that look to bringing different minority groups together in reference to age-appropriate support, not ethnicity support groups alone

    If we were to actively promote this as a nation, it opens a can of worms that could support segregation and head us back towards the dark ages

    For White Britons and everyone, I think it may be an encouraging idea to access services which are for all, opposed to potentially seeking support for where it may be by minority groups only.

    I think it is now everyone's responsibility to not be made to feel like a minority but as part of a majority

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    It's up to the white British to start up these organisations. No one is stopping them.

    Yep, once you remove black/coloured people white people will turn on each other. I was in a prison in a really racist country and a majority of those in there where white foreign and this is the shocking bit, have a large visible birth mark.
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