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    I'm not quite sure where to put this exactly.
    Basically, I was diagnosed with depression. I got an deferral on my dissertation until the 15th august because of it.
    However, I'm still considered to be a student, but I dont get any funding and I'm so far into my overdraft because of paying my bills and helping my mum out because she only works part time and does little odd jobs and cant afford the rent and bills all the time and is forever in the red.
    I also work part time.
    But lately, I've injured my back at work because my boss makes me lift heavy stuff with no help, and now I've got sciatica, and it causes pain in my back and left leg and my left leg is numb so I limp, but my job is as a bartender and I am usually forced to work by myself and do all the heavy lifting because theres no one else on.
    I went doctors and they gave me a sick note and told me I cant work for two weeks or i'll make my back/leg worse and could end up damaging the nerve more.
    The problem is that I cant afford to have two weeks off of work unpaid. that is all thats separating me from going overdrawn and not being able to afford my board, and my mothers made it clear she'll chuck me out if I cant pay.
    My dissertation supervisor wants a chapter of my dissertation for monday but I work all weekend and havent done it yet because of everything going on (not an excuse I know).
    I also do councelling at my uni (I commute) and I feel like I really need it (my doctor gave me antidepressants but they made me worse and so so tired that I couldnt do anything and I slept too late and was late for work) so I stopped taking them but havent been back to see the doctor about it yet.
    I dont know what to do. I've tried taking extra painkillers on top of the ones prescribed but I think if I work then I'll be in more pain and it'l get worse, but I have no choice. I need to travel into my uni and do my uni work because all I do is get shouted at by my mum in my house so I cant concentrate and she constantly makes me drive her around and take heavy stuff to the tip despite knowing that driving and lifting things is really painful at the moment. And I asked her for advice but she said that I was being pathetic and got jealous of the fact that I'd been given pain killers for it when she didnt the last time she went doctors for a bad back.

    So basically. Should I just double up the pain killers and hope I dont have to move anything heavy and it doest get worse or take the time off? I'll lose money I cant afford, and I cant sign on because I'm technically still a student


    Your situation is really not ideal. I hesitate to say 'when life gives you lemons'... doesn't really cut it this time.

    For finance all I can think of is speaking to your personal tutor about applying for a hardship fund at your University.

    Physically you should be careful. You don't want to cause a long term problem. That would suck big time. If it were me I would take the time off or speak to my boss about what can be done to improve workplace safety.

    Mentally, mind your stress levels. Have you ever tried a guided meditation audio tape? I got a CD from my GP which guided you through relaxing each muscle so you are physically relaxed. It usually sent me right off to sleep but at the end there is a wake-up sequence too if you want to do it during the day.

    My final bit of quick advice is speak to your counsellor. Even though they can't fix anything, talking is always good.

    Take care and feel free to ask for more advice.
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Updated: July 16, 2014
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