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    Hey guys, I am sorta panicking right now because, I am planning on taking a gap year in order to apply for computer science for 2015, so I have to apply before Jan 2015....

    My story is that I always wanted to do zoology or computer science something related with animals or gaming/software/maths, but after much emotional, heavily mentally daunting fights with both my parents, despite my sisters support, in the end, i entered pharmacy at medway school of pharmacy. As soon as i began my course, i never once enjoyed it, really. I hated every topic we learnt in it.
    Anyway, i failed my exams, and i wish to reapply to enter uni in 2015. I managed to achieve 3 B's in A level, mathematics, biology and chemistry. My parents think I'm already a failure, they've given up on me, they say that my A levels are **** and so they think that I have no chance in re-applying, is that true? Give me your honest opinion guys. Is three B's good enough for re-applying or not?

    Also, as I said, I don't have any sort of work experience related to computer science. The only thing I can think of is that I created a website of my own for my schools enterprise project so that every member of our team can go on it and see what the latest task is, also I created a website to spread asian culture in the world.....I know....embarrassing.....I like downloaded music files and converted it so that it plays on the website as soon as you enter it, its like an asian thing......don't judge guys. I like entered good things about korea, japan, dramas etc. My dad also works for Samsung, he has been a computer software engineer for over 20 years, and I've always seen him do his work, even though I never really understood anything he does, he did tell me what they're for, like one project long ago he was creating a software for like anti ballistic missiles. I was fascinated at that. Also, I am an absolute nerd and love video gaming, and I like created my own game mode that everyone can play on this mod software game called Garry's Mod. I dunno if that counts at all, whether that is actually worth mentioning or not, or vice versa, its safe not to mention it, makes me look immature.
    But again, it all returns to the fact that I don't have any sort of work experience related to computer science.

    Guys, pls help me, give me ur opinions, I am really panicking atm, my parents arent helping at all, I think i'll never ever get into uni now. I don't even think my school is willing to represent me through UCAS cus I sorta disconnected with them ever since I left for uni, i had no choice because my parents left for korea as soon as i entered uni, and my sister lives in manchester, my school is in cardiff, wales.......

    Whose idea was it for you to enter a course you didn't really care about?

    Can you make websites, programs or databases? They all count as software development experience.

    Nobody cares about experience for CS. It most likely wouldn't be relevant to the course anyway. Read around the subject and try programming if you have no idea what to write on your personal statement, but this is not medicine (or Law, or Pharmacy etc work experience is not high up on the list of things admissions tutors want to see.

    It's very weird that your dad has no interest ! maybe you should get him to properly talk about and show you what he does considering you would most likely be going into the same field upon graduation.

    Your A-levels should be good enough and don't be embarrassed about mentioning the Garry's mod thing as a related interest. A lot of game developers start by making mods and it shows you have an interest in learning and creating.
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