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Got Self Confidence Issues? Have a read, might change your life Watch

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    This is more aimed at guys with self confidence issues, but it works for either gender, just tweak some things and it's tailored to you girls out there

    I have been the victim of self confidence issues since i was 16 (self diagnosed) and it wasn't until i was about 20 that i actually made an active effort to change that, one of the many things i did was learn to dance

    Now i know what i'm sure many of the guys here will be thinking

    "Dancing is for gay people" - This is totally bogus, i've been dancing Salsa and Bachata for a whole year (which doesn't sound like long i know) and in all my lessons and parties that i went to there was not one gay person, not even one slightly feminine guy, in fact once there was a truck driver learning to dance (not exactly known for doing girly things now are they ..)

    Now for the thing that i hear the most from people when i suggest them coming along:

    "I'll be hopeless" - Once again this is bogus, i'll grant you some people just don't have the ability to learn to dance; they may have no sense of rhythm; however take it from someone who's nickname at primary school was "Mr. Bump" learning to dance can be tough if (like me) you don't have a marvelous sense of balance or rhythm but if you have the perseverance for it then you'll find that those problem are but small hurdles that you must overcome to become a great dancer

    So you're probably now thinking "How will this improve my self confidence?"

    The answer to that will vary between each person, as no one person has the same root problem as anyone else, however the things it will always help you do is so you that you can do something well, if you watch any dance film to do with Cuban or Latin dances you'll notice how close the actors get to each other, ever wanted to be that confident with people in your life ... dancing my friend

    Take Salsa for example, Salsa is in itself a very sexy and seductive dance, the whole idea of it is to make the girl look at pretty and sexy as possible while making the guy look as confident and dominant as he can, and trust me, being able to get that close to a girl and just dance boosts your confidence something fierce, the time it will take will differ from person to person, but you'll find yourself naturally more confident

    Also that age old phase "All girls love a guy who can dance" before i started learning to dance i was a really shy person, able to talk to women and other people yes, but put me in front of a attractive girl and i'd most likely blush and start babbling, after a year; i'm still a shy person however i'm FAR more confident with who i am as a person

    Now of course dancing isn't for everyone, i'd say only learn to dance if you actually want to (or at least like the idea of it) as there is nothing worse than trying to force yourself to do something you just hate doing

    Apologies if this post is a bit hard to understand, i'm writing this on the fly so .... no plan to work from

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, also if you wanna talk via PM, you're welcome to

    Note II: This is only what I'VE done to help my self confidence, everyone has to deal with it in their own way, but what is the internet for if not for sharing information

    If i can just inspire one person to learn to dance then i'll be happy

    So to quote Kevin Bacon from Footloose

    "Lets Dance!"


    Cool story Bro

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    I don't understand what dancing has to do with your self-confidence. Misleading title
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