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Hi, (I Hope im posting this question in the right place)

I need some advise and Im really very unsure were to turn. Im 19 and did very little education, I didn't finish school. I was facing issues with severe depression and at a very young age turned to Addiction. I have spent the last 3 years in a Rehab center and with support and counseling Im now ready to move on. I naturally want to turn back to education and I have this year privately completed one IGCSE and a certification called CompTIA A+, I would like to go to Anglia Ruskin University and study BSC Hons in Computer Science, and Im aware of their entry requirements, I have opted to take 3 more IGCSEs in June next year to then move onto college and do maybe a BTEC or Diploma / Access course. My question is, is there any financial support available to students, (Housing, maintenance) I plan on working as much as possible but obviously the transition is going to take time between leaving the center and getting a job (especially with no qualifications) Because of my history I dont have any family it would be suitable to stay with and it would be detrimental to my recovery to stay in a Hostel / Shared house. can anyone offer advise?

Many Thanks

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