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Toenail Surgery - Should I? watch

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    So I have a pretty bad case of fungal nail infection on both of my big toes. I've tried tablets (terbinafine) and that stuff you paint on but they haven't worked. It's been years now and they keep getting thicker and more uncomfortable. One nail doesn't seem to grow at all, and it's the same one that's been rather painful recently (so much so that walking was tricky for a couple of weeks) after an apt to get them filed down with a podiatrist.

    It was at that point that I seriously considered surgery to remove them both. A bit of context: surgery is my absolute worst fear. Doesn't matter how minor it is, it terrifies me more than anything else. I've had problems with hospitals and anything medical since I was really young - I only got over my fear of needles about two years ago. I also have an anxiety disorder so I have regular panic attacks, etc.

    Buuut I've warmed to the idea a bit after having a month of so to think about it (along with the pain of my toe hurting). I saw another podiatrist and she thinks I should get it removed and not have them grow back. She says they're permanently damaged and will grow back the same.
    I've never seen a toe without a nail before and I'm a bit worried it will look weird/unsightly? I'm too scared to Google pictures in case the results come up with really gross stuff.

    I just want to know what it's all like, really. The operation itself (it will be under local) and also the aftercare. Seeing as it's on both feet I'm a bit concerned about mobility afterwards and what healing is like. I also wouldn't be able to change my dressings myself as I'm too squeamish to do that. My GP Surgery said they can help but hopefully I wouldn't need to change them everyday?

    If there's anyone out there who's had their toenail/s removed I'd really appreciate hearing from you. As you can probably tell I'm really freaking out about this and advice would be very helpful. Thanks, and sorry for the essay :x

    ive not had it done but as specialists have recommended it, do it.
    there will be time between now and the actual surgery, so maybe ask the GP to sort out something to deal with your anxiety, both relating to surgery and not.
    like ive said, I don't know how painful it will be, but judging by the fact it requires only local anaesthetic, it wont be too painful or obtrusive anyway, but your GP or surgeon will obviously be able to give you a full "downlow".
    my friend had toe surgery once, not to remove a nail but a fatty lump on the side of her pinkey toe- she had to wear a special boot for a little bit and I think it did hurt a little bit but was well worth it.

    hope this helps a tad, even without specific experience
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