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Landlord entering house without permission Watch

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    My boyfriend and I live in college student accommodation that is also rented out during the summer months. It's a small house with 5 other bedrooms. There is no lease agreement because it's not a proper house - he didn't ask for a security deposit and no accommodation contract was given. We didn't really see the need for it, as our landlord is around the property daily and is easy to contact by phone. When we first moved in we felt there was a problem with him coming and out as he pleases. He has gone into our roommates rooms and nearly walked in on one girl naked. He has come in and out nearly every day, has given a couple of his employees key fobs to enter our rooms which they have done without permission. One of his employees was going around making sure the key fobs still worked, and told us that the landlord would be sending out an email regarding them checking to see if our rooms needed painting. The next day, we were out shopping and came back to said employee leaving the house. We asked her if she had checked the rooms, she said only to measure our beds and shower heads (:confused::confused::confused:). No email was sent out.
    I had to apply for a medical card and needed proof of address, asked landlord for a letter which he gave. I'm on social welfare, and because I moved recently they needed new proof of address, so had to ask him again for letter and he asked "for what" so I told him it was for a grant application, I didn't want him to know I was on social welfare. Boyfriend told him recently though. The letter wasn't enough so social welfare gave me a form for him to fill out. When I wasn't here my boyfriend asked him to fill it out for me, which he did so, and was saying toy my bf that if we had any trouble we could always go to him. So my bf decided it was a good time to ask him if he could give us notice before he or his employees came into our bedroom. He said of course, and then left, but came back immediately and said that he was doing us a favour with all this "paperwork bullsh*t" (the form literally took him less than a minute to fill out, and IMO I think it's to be expected when you're a landlord). We thought all was good until today. My bf had the idea of using a hair and taping it at the bottom of a door, and if someone comes in while we're gone then it breaks. We do this every time we leave. Just today, we came back and at first I thought the hair had just fallen loose of the tape, but we had left our light on and it was off when we came back. My bf has the worst memory, and he's not sure if he turned it off or not before we left, but it's still a 50/50 chance him or an employee came in while we were gone.
    I found out recently that because no lease is signed then it's a licence agreement, and he has a right to enter our house, but not our bedrooms. Surely it's illegal? I'm still paying money to live here, and if the rest of the house isn't safe then at least my bedroom should be. I shouldn't have to worry about having him walk in on me naked at any time :confused:
    I live in Ireland btw, I'm not sure if our laws re. this kind of thing are different to that in the UK...any help though would be great!

    Do you have a tenancy agreement? If you do, read your tenancy agreement and see what it says with regards to giving notice, because no he isn't allowed to come into the property without your knowledge. It sounds like he is checking up on you both, or he is checking something! IS this a private landlord? Who are his little minions who work for him? Perhaps you could ask them when they come - why they came, what he has said, why they come so often, do they do this with any other houses he owns etc.

    How long left do you have of this contract?

    If he says that he is doing you a favour by doing anything, you need to tell him that he is obligated, as a landlord to fill these in. You can't be scared of him, at the end of the day, you're paying him rent.
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