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Any children of alcoholic parents on here? Watch

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    My mum is an alcoholic. I've just come back home from university for the summer and therefore having been away for so long, I guess I just forgot how things were.

    I am an only child and I just live with my mum. My dad is worst than my mum. He is a drug addict so its for the best that I don't have to be around him.

    My mum is a functioning alcohol. Compared to how things were even just 2 years ago, my mum is seemingly much better. She has an excellent job which she loves and enjoys. We have money, therefore a roof over our head and food and all that stuff. We never have not, but this is the first time we don't really have to struggle. However she is still drinking. She normally just drinks after and sometimes even before work and then can be up to all day on her days off. She's currently on a 2-week holiday from work which is why I'm really feeling it atm.

    My mum is non-violent, although she can be but I have learnt how to avoid that side of her. She can say some pretty horrible, nasty things however what hurts me most is just not being able to talk to her like a normal, sober person. I can't even sit in the same room as her.

    I know I'm not alone. There are so many other people that go through this but right now I just feel really alone. Just wondering if there are any other COAs on TSR? What are your stories?
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    Not any more but my dad used to be extremely alcoholic until I was like 12/13. I am an only child of my parents (though my dad has three other children, all of whom are adults and have been for a while). It did suck, he hid it reasonably well from me til I was a like 10ish then I found out since mum would get very upset by it and I asked and she told me and I started seeing him drunk. He wasn't that violent. He would be very abusive verbally but never violent, he only pushed my mum out the way once to get to the door but she wasn't hurt. Luckily he stopped after he realised I knew and it started damaging his health and he is much better now and has been a good farther. Sadly he drank through the childhood of all his other children and his second wife (mother of his third child) left him and wouldn't let him see his son due to the drinking though they are on very good terms now.

    Basically he drank a lot, he did a lot of bad **** and it ****ed with lots of people's lives but he has stopped now and is a lot better and I am proud of him for stopping, it is hard I know.

    Not alcoholic parents but my auntie and uncle are both alcoholics. I find them really annoying. They're jobless and living on benefits and take advantage of my gran. I don't really have anything to say because you just learn to live with it but know you're not alone

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Updated: July 21, 2014
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