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Is it bad that I don't want to meet up with my friends? Watch

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    So my friends have been in touch, asking me about various dates to meet up etc. because I'm leaving, so won't be at school with them next year. The problem is that I just really don't want to. I'd rather stay at home and laze around at home than meet up with my friends.
    I've made excuses as to why I'm 'unavailable' on the days they've proposed but sooner or later they're going to realise that something is up.
    What can I do? Am I an awful person?

    Just be honest or just ignore them.

    I did this when I was about 16 and I met my first serious girlfriend on the internet, it ending up being a LDR. I ended up making excuses to all my friends so telling my mum to say I'm in the shower when they call and stuff. In the end I got comments like you must be the cleanest kid in Britain and that was it the friendship just sort of stopped.

    I think making excuses just makes you seem worse and I don't know whether I could actually say "I just don't want to" because I'd feel awful. So I just ignored things. Probably not the best option but the easiest if you're not great at confronting and facing people!

    I dont think you're an awful person purely because i do this too!

    My friends are out together most days doing the same boring stuff (getting stoned on a park..) and quite frankly id rather be bored at home. I do feel quite bad turning them down but it has gotten to the point where they wont ask me anymore which im fine with. But, i keep in contact with them alot and arrange to do things which i feel that id enjoy more such as clubbing or watching a football match.

    If do wish to continue being friends with them ensure that you talk to them regularly because they may feel that you are rejecting them because you do not want to know them. Also, you should arrange to do things that you would find interesting so you could enjoy the experience more instead of wishing you was at home.

    Are you not really bothered or is there a genuine reason?

    It's not bad, it's preference that you enjoy your own company. Just say you can't come and give a reason that is a "long" term reason eg you have chickenpox or something , but I'd say keep talking to them because if you need them, you want them to still be there.

    Lol I'm exactly like you. Eventually I gave in after a few months

    It depends on the friends though.

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