How come the (short) history of the 'palestinans' is never told? Watch

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We never hear in the news any of the 'palestinians' past escapades?

I'll give you just a quick round-up

Attempted a coup in Jordan. Arafat and his crew were initially invited in by the King, but as par for the course with 'palestinians', they soon abused that and started to set up their own checkpoints in Jordan, I kid you not

Anyway, after endless trouble and killing by them - King Hussein had enough and ordered his army to attack. This culminated in what is known as 'Black September' where thousands of 'palestinians' were killed.

They then moved to Lebanon, where they attacked the Christian population and used Lebanese soil to attack Israel from. This eventually sparked the Lebanese civil war which killed 100,000+

The 'palestinians' were very graciously invited into Kuwait and given homes, jobs etc.

How did the 'palestinians' repay the Kuwaitis? well, by supporting Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait of course

After Saddam was kicked out of Kuwait by NATO, so too were the 'palestinians'

After the Iraq invasion of 2003, the new Iraqi government also kicked thousands of them out because they were Saddam loyalists.

Throughout this time of course, they were engaged in endless international terrorism - most famously hijackings, the Munich massacre etc.

More recently, they have been helping terrorists in the Sinai kill Egyptian troops. They also broke Morsi out of jail in order to put him in power. THIS is the reason why Egypt now wants nothing to do with them and won't even take their injured.

Assad in Syria for years gave 'palestinians' free reign in Damascus and funds for terrorism against Israel. After 3 decades of moral, military and financial support from Assad, they turned on him and are now fighting alongside and with ISIS and the others.

And I didn't even mention how they were allies with Hitler and the Nazis;

Why do we never hear ANYTHING about their grubby past?
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