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Advice for Year 11 (also solution for nerves?) Watch

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    I've just finished my academic year in year 10 and I don't feel ready for year 11 to be honest. During years 7,8,9 I felt I've had done well in all my subjects, reaching my target levels and even beyond and I felt confident that I can do well in my GCSEs.

    During the end of year 9 I took my Science Core GCSE, in the end I got a B, I wasn't very happy as I felt confident that I knew majority of the information/facts in the entire of Core (also the exams were spread out on one exam in March, two exams on June I think.) Because of this, I decided that I wanted to retake Core because I felt I could do better.

    In year 10, things went slightly downhill I feel. During the whole year, we've obviously been preparing for our GCSEs whether it's coursework/controlled assessments or just doing mock exams and to be honest in most of my subjects I've been doing poorly, not even reaching my target grades.

    I think what is worrying me is the actual pressure of a REAL exam. In my head I feel really nervous and scared when I take real exams, I know it's natural, but I feel I do worse because of this. I also do music exams (practical ones outside school ABRSM) and I've noticed that nerves really also have an impact on me there which makes me perform a lot worse. It feels like I have to prove to people that I can obviously get grades/achieve certain things but this feeling is actually dragging me down it seems. Does anybody have any tips that they can suggest to overcome my nerves or prevent them having an impact on me because I can barely think straight when I get nervous.

    It's not EVERY subject that this does. In RE, I've been getting A/A* which I feel confident and happy about, in Spanish my overall grade at the moment is a B which I'm glad since Spanish is a huge weak point for me.

    I really want to improve in year 11, end my GCSEs with a high note, does anyone also have any good tips/advice I should take onboard, I'm worried since I felt pressured in year 10 that I will just do even worse in year 11.

    TLR : I feel nerves are getting the best of me and are actually have an impact on my exams/grades, any solutions? Also, any good tips/advice preparing for year 11?

    if I were to offer you advice, i'd say spend year 11 working out your weaknesses in each subject, and improve on them, year 11 honestly goes by really fast! so try not to put off schoolwork if you're lazy like I am the time you have between now and when your exams start is enough time to improve though, so don't worry! Just work hard and you'll get there work hard in your mock exams as well, because they'll also help you find the areas you need to improve on. Try to stay on top of things, like controlled assessments and homework, don't get disorganised, I spent a lot of my lunchtimes catching up on art coursework when I could have done it all in the holidays, but I was too lazy, and catching up became very stressful when I had to prepare for exams. Also, do past papers, until you feel confident that you can do well in the real thing, you'll also learn how to structure your answers from this as well which is important. Spend time going over any content you don't understand, this way, it'll be a lot easier to revise when it's time for your exams, make notes, flashcards, whatever you can to help you learn. And for stress, just like you, I stressed out a lot, mainly because I was expected to do really well beyond what I could actually achieve. To overcome nerves, I'd suggest doing something productive and fun in your free time, go out with your friends and have fun, it'll help you get your mind off exams, hope this helps

    Try some rescue remedy for the exam nerves? I used it for mine, it helps!

    Keep up with all your homework and don't be afraid to ask questions.
    For essay based subjects draft and draft essays and get your teacher to mark them and then use the comments to improve your work. Once you start doing it it becomes really easy to do and nearer to the exam start timing your response so u won't run out of time in the exam. This is the reason I went from a D in English and RS in year 10 to hopefully an A/A* in them in year 11.
    For science and fact based things make Flashcards and quiz yourself then use them to find your weaknesses and make them stronger.
    Year 11 is basically your final chance to really push your grades up, I went from a C/D student in year 10 to an A/A* student in year 11, just keep focusing on your weaker topics in each subject and do lots of past papers.

    As for nerves, I found making sure I had breakfast before my exams helped (something healthy like toast or weetabix) and I always go for walks around my school before the exam as it uses some of the adrenalin and helps me calm down. When I walked into my exams is where my nerves would hit me so I make myself say 'You can do this, you are enough and these exams won't decide your fate just calm down read the question and give it your best shot'

    As for practical exams just try to do the same as exams and try to relax before which I now is incredibly hard but it helps!
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