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    Hello everyone. I've been going through this website and I found it amazing. Actually, I've read a lot of posts about girls having cheated on their boyfriends and some very helpful answers. I need to tell mine, because it's really making me lose sleep. So here it goes:
    I've had this friend like, since forever. We've known each other since very little from school, he was actually ''my boyfriend'' when we were kids. I've moved from that school to another and the next year he moved to the one I went to. We finished school together. By that time, we had this little group of friends, two girls (me and my best girl friend) and him and other 2 of his best friends. We got pretty close because we all played this mmorpg ''WoW''.Let's call him Peter. So, one of Peter's best friend fell deep in love with me and went through a really rough time after I told him we were going to remain friends only. They were all aware of his feelings for me. I had this other boyfriend at that time which made him crazier. When I broke up with that boyfriend I got really bad. He was my first serious relationship and the one whom I lost my virginity to. Some months passed and with a brainwash I had I got over it. And theeeen the story with Peter began. We kissed. He told me he was in love with me all of his life (he never had a girlfriend, besides me when we were kids, and he never kissed any girl) I actually suspected he was gay .-. Anyway, it happened to be that his best friend was still in love with me, and, to make matters worse, my best friend had a thing for Peter too since a long time. We decided to go through all of that, because of what we felt. I really felt something strong for him. I was decided to give love one more try after that hell of a big disappointment, decided to give a chance to him, because I knew how good was his heart, he was such a good person, and that is what I've always admired of him. So in that same year (this year) I've moved to another city to try for Med college. I was actually going to live with his older sister (our parents made all the agreement, payed the appartment and then canceled it all because he was going to move in too) I was not upset about it, at least we were going to be in the same city. He went there for me. All of this months we've been going out together, almost everyday after my classes we had launch, we hang out, and slept together. It was pure happines.
    Here comes the thing. When I got into Med school (june4th), after all those 4 months of hard work, we went to celebrate with my classmates to a party. I got so drunk, I didn't wanted to reject any ''shot'' invitation because I was sort of trying to fit in. I came from another city and sometimes it hurted when the classmates made plans that didn't include me. So I drank, a lot. And there was this guy. I went outside of the party and he followed me, and he grabbed me and we kissed. I kissed him back. I DONT KNOW WHY. I got scared someone could see and went back to the party. Actually, his older sister also got into med college and she was in that party. So I didn't wanted her to find out. You may be thinking I'm so stupid and a slut, but I'm worse. I went out of the party again, hoping he'd follow me, and he did. We kissed again. And I went back inside. Peter's sister saw how that guy was trying to grab me inside of the party too, but I kept on rejecting him. His sister told him that, an a few weeks later Peter asked me about it. I lied. I f***ing lied. I couldn
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