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    I had this thing with a girl 5 years ago and that was during my school days. I definitely liked her and we grew to be really close 'friends' and I really did treasure our friendship. I never had such a close connection with anybody before even till this day which made it all the more special. rumours started to spread and people including ourselves knew we liked each other and yet I didn't have the guts to tell her how I felt. we were still young..like 15-16 and I guess realistically we both knew at that point in time things couldn't go anywhere.

    now 5 years down the road..and a few months after my girlfriend and I decided to break up...I learnt that I may have been gotta in too deep with her when we had a thing 5 years ago. some would even say that I loved her because now...I realised that I still have feelings for her. she's still single and we are physically apart as she's studying elsewhere.*

    I remember at one point in time I randomly asked her if we would ever date each other again...and her being her non confrontational and semi socially awkward self said "after everything we've both friend zoned each other right?" and me not wanting to make things weird said "yeah"... but deep inside I obviously want to say no. I know she didn't exactly answer my question...which makes me think that it could both ways...right?
    I've learnt that I should have found closure with her and gotten everything out in the open years ago...now she's going to be in town for summer.

    should I express everything I feel and want to say to her? and risk making things awkward again and losing a very close friend again?

    I personally feel that no matter what happens and whether she's friend zoned me alr she deserves to know the truth. but then again I could quietly deal with all this and maybe suffer for a bit until my feelings go away? but seeing how its been 5 years and one relationship later...it sounds unlikely.

    thoughts? opinions on what I should do?
    thanks guys!

    p.s. sorry for the long post!

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    Too long for anyone to bother reading.

    Was super bored so read.
    She hasn't shown any real interest again so I wouldn't bother and move on for once!
    I mean if you so feel the need tell her but I doubt it will achieve much but closure.

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    My life is more complicated.
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