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How to study and concentrate wiht a mental disorder? Watch

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    I have a mental disorder. It means I quickly lose my temper over silly things, I can't concentrate, I need to stick to a routine and if I don't know something I just ask and ask.

    In year 7 we did tests to see which sets were were put into. I was in set 2 and when I found out I was so annoyed I threw the test paper back at the teacher and shouted. Come the January retest I was moved up a set and became happier.

    GCSE's came around and I struggled greatly to concentrate. I managed to do them but on results day had to pick up the envelope off the floor in an empty room just in case I lashed out.

    I've got better over the years but A-levels were hell. I couldn't concentrate on any subject without taking a break every 10 minutes. Exam time was surprisingly ok so I'm hopeful come results.

    In September I start university and I'm terrified of studying for a degree when I struggled with GCSEs. How do I manage? How do I manage with lectures and keeping track in them? What are seminars and how do I cope? It's like I could knock a pencil on the floor and get so annoyed that I need to go and smash something to pieces just to release my frustration at everything not being perfect. I can't do that in a lecture.

    I've received counseling but it doesn't really help.

    What is the mental disorder you have, if you don't mind me asking? I could help you a bit more if I knew which one it is. You can private message me if you'd rather.

    When you say you received counseling, do you mean you went to your doctor and had a referral from him/her? I ask because a counselor won't be able to help with an actual mental disorder; rather a psychologist is the person that'd be best.

    Do you have Aspergers..?
    I do and am sitting GCSEs in September..very scared Im disorganised, and if I dont like the teacher I cant be bothered to study, even if it is a subject Im good at.
    Im throwing GCSE's away...and I cant stop, I get so angry I have asked for a punchbag for my birthday.
    Any tips on coping welcome...Im guessing at least at Uni you are only studying a subject you like....not all the crap ones you HAVE to do at GCSE

    I don't know if this will help with your studies as I did my GCSEs this year and I may not have the same disorder as you. I have Asperger's.

    I have a very short attention span so I created a routine where I study for 40 minutes and have a 20 minute break and repeat that until my studying is finished. And I use a handy app called Evernote on my laptop and phone where I record all my upcoming events and small details that I need to remember. It has helped me a lot with my organisation because everything's in one place.

    For your anger, have you thought about attending martial arts classes?

    OP, have you thought about a note taker for your lectures?
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