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Deciding on Uni Course... Watch

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    I have no idea what i want to do at uni. I just finished my AS levels, I did Maths, Physics, Psychology and Art. I've been predicted A's in everything and I feel like physics was the only thing i didn't achieve that in, but it's not long until results day when I can find out.

    Anyway, art has always been a passion of mine, hence taking it as AS level, but i'm finding that it's becoming more of a chore than a hobby as the way the course is sturctured really just doesn't appeal to me and i'm worried i'll lose my interest in it for good if I carry on with it next year.

    I was thinking of applying to do something like illustration or animation, as they sound like things I would enjoy, however I don't have a burning passion to study either of these.

    Moving onto something a big more 'meaty' I was thinking about archiecture, as this utilizes the maths and physics a bit more, but again, whilst I enjoy looking at architecture, it's not something I've always wanted to do.

    I feel that by doing something arty i'm kind of wasting my other skills, and I want to do something a bit more respected such as medicine just because I feel it would improve people's perception of me which seems like a really stupid reason to study something.

    If I was to go down a different route, I would probably have to do another year of AS, and i'm thinking that I would do Biology, Chemistry and Further Maths if I was to do this, and maybe retake my physics exams if I didn't do very well.

    I guess in a nutshell i'm asking what I should do when I don't have my heart set on studying a particular subject at uni, while expecting fairly good grades.

    I've even considered that uni may not be the right path for me but I feel that i'm just wasting hard work by not utilizing the knowledge and grades i've (hopefully) obtained.

    I've spoken to a few careers advisors but they don't really seem to help as they essentially just ask me what I want to do, when the point is that I don't know.

    I essentially want to study something that has a high chance of employment and fairly good wage lol, and hopefully is quite enjoyable in whatever way.

    If I were you I would order lots of university prospectuses if you haven't already done so, then think about the subjects you're studying and what you enjoy most in particular about them. Then you can look through the prospectuses (or online) and find a course that suits the thing you enjoy most. Even think back to your GCSEs and if there were any subjects like Chemistry that you enjoyed but didn't take at AS-level then you could look into it and maybe try that. If you know if you are dropping a subject next year at A-level then you could look at the courses that are ideal for the A-levels you would be doing and see if they sound enjoyable and like they would lead into a good career. Sorry if that's not much help!

    Medicine is a 5 or 6 year course and you need to be pretty convinced it is what you want to do to last the course. You'd have to have relevant experience to show that you really understood what is involved and weren't just applying because you didn't know what else to do. With that attitude you probably wouldn't be accepted as it's an intensely competitive course.

    Many maths degrees want further maths, although you could pick that up if good at maths. Physics doesn't seem a great idea if it's your worse subject. A Maths or Psychology degree would keep a lot of options open for the future as many employers aren't concerned about what degree you have. Maths is a better regarded degree but employment prospects for those on the more scientific Psychology courses (perhaps Bath) are very good.

    Go to university open days and see if anything inspires you. These don't have to be open days at universities you might apply to, just those you can reach easily. Look on You Tube for subject lectures, do any of them interest you? Or look at art college and this amazing course http://www1.plymouth.ac.uk/courses/u...eOverview.aspx

    If you still don't know - take a gap year, get some temporary work in a number of different roles and see if that focuses your attention.

    If there's still any chance that you want to do anything with art in the future, then spend your 'gap' year doing an art foundation course, which is still free if you are under 19 and is pretty much a prerequisite for art schools and architecture, as well as being apparently a brilliant year. If you decide that art's not for you, you'll have had a good time whilst making your mind up and it won't have cost you anything more than another year at school would have.

    (Original post by Alex Pee)

    I essentially want to study something that has a high chance of employment and fairly good wage lol, and hopefully is quite enjoyable in whatever way.
    Creative skills are generally not well paid and employment can be intermittent. Being good at self-promotion helps. There are well paid jobs but many people are self-employed, something that has both benefits and uncertainties.
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