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Failed my second year twice and turned my life around... watch

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    Ever since we moved to the UK in 2006 my life went downhill. I was good at school and had so many friends yet from the moment I moved to this country everything changed. I became isolated, sad, depressed, changed character and developed a social anxiety disorder. It was impossible for me to make the go out or make friends because of my anxiety and my hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) which developed in the meantime.

    In my first year here, I did four GCSEs and an A-level in my own native language German. The GCSEs were poor, I received AADE (Maths, Science, English, ICT) and even in my A-level I failed HARD. I only received a B in that A-level that I finished within a year because I was too late for my final exam and was not allowed to re-sit it.

    As a result of my poor showing I was ineligible to do A-levels since I did not pass the requirements (why did nobody tell me that I could have done them online, man?) and settled for a useless BTEC National Diploma (DDD). That course was a walk in the park and it further stimulated my depression because there was no chance that a top UK University would accept me. Consequently I ended up applying for a BA Accounting with Economics degree at the University of Essex.


    Things started to get worse there, I became more isolated, depressed, lonely and anxious of society. Though I was very poor I still managed to progress to the second year.


    I wanted to change in my second year because of the significance of that year (it contributed to my degree classification) but I failed miserably without passing a single module. The next year the same occurred again...

    I could not comprehend how I ended up in this position. This may sound arrogant but I always thought that I was superior to the rest (which I was in fact) and that I should be studying at a higher ranked University such as UCL instead of Essex (if I had done A-levels) but that was unfortunately not the case.

    This moment was the deepest moment in my life because nobody would have predicted that something like this would occur to an individual like me who had so much potential. I was on the verge of ending it all - committing SUICIDE, but then I dreamed about my hometown back in Germany and all the people that I let go. These memories did not leave my mind, especially the memories of a specific girl that I STILL LOVED after SIX YEARS.

    In the next days I explained the University the reasons for my failures (I provided them with an extenuating circumstances form). There was a lot of private stuff that I told them such as my depression and pornography addiction (see where I am coming from?).

    In the next days I saw a physicist who confirmed everything and provided the University with further evidence. The University accepted it and gave me the opportunity to repeat the second year for a THIRD TIME.

    During the summer I seeked counselling and after my mind set became balanced I visited my hometown in Germany again after six years and saw HER again. She became MY GIRLFRIEND which motivated massively when I went back to University.

    Long story cut short.
    I received a 1st (average 84%) and also did two fast track A-levels in my second and third year in Mathematics and Economics consecutively.

    1. What are good career opportunities with this degree?
    2. I spent FIVE YEARS for a three year degree; will I be looked down on?
    3. A 1st at a low ranked University, is it worth it...will I be considered?
    4. Masters at a top University, is this possible?
    5. Women and friends can be so powerful, can't they? I went through hell without them, now there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Have you ever experienced racism/sexism at uni?

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