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hey guys. I'm an international student from Syria whose going to take his A Levels this year. I am going to take three fast track A Levels as that's how our school organizes it. I'll be doing Maths,Economics and History. My question is will I be able to cope with self studying history? I'm taking both AS & A2 in May/June. How hard will it be? I love history and do not mind all the reading and memorizing..the only thing nagging at me is the essay technique. I'm not particularly great at writing essays and the A Level essays I've read so far have been so fantastic that I've been thoroughly convinced I won't be able to do it. Is it THAT hard? My goal is to achieve at least a B. Any advice would be helpful. PS: I'd have all the books that I need however I won't have any teacher to guide me and assign/mark essays :l
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It's doable but a little tough. My college has an "accelerated intake" where students take two A level subjects, usually Law and History or Law and Economics in 11 months. Like you, they sit for the AS and A2 exams together. Although students describe it as "mind-bogglingly tough", some of them have done pretty well in the exams, scoring As and Bs.

That being said, not having a teacher to guide you and mark your essays is definitely going to be a disadvantage, I myself take History and I believe that guidance is absolutely necessary in order to do well. My two cents.

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