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10 Things you want to do , before you die. Watch

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    1) Learn Spanish , French , Mandarin and Japanese.
    2) 20-30 pounds of more muscle.
    3) First class in my Degree
    4) Be happy in life
    5) Get married.
    6) A*A*AA In my A levels.
    7) Start a Business , and become a Millionaire
    8) Be more religious
    9) Travel all over the world , at least visit 2-3 countries from each continent.
    10) Go sky diving.

    What's yours?

    1. Go to uni.
    2. Learn to swim (other moves apart from backstroke)
    3. Ride on a hot air balloon
    4. Write novels and become an author.
    5. Invent something technologically groundbreaking.
    6. Go on a zero gravity flight
    7. Become a millionaire.
    8. Eat a proper Italian pizza.
    9. Learn Japanese.
    10. Adopt a child

    Maybe not all of these are practical, but I can dream. :daydreaming:

    1 - Learn another language (either Italian or Russian )
    2 - Go to the Arctic
    3 - Do a Marathon
    4 - Go to the space
    5 - Climb the mount Everest
    6 - Be featured in the future Star Trek films for the generations to watch ( I don't care if it's only for a few minutes or seconds )
    7 - Visit most of the east-Asian countries
    8 - Have my own private Network and satellite
    9 - Have enough money to place a £1M bet in a poker game without raising an eyebrow.
    10 - Have my own yacht
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    1. Go to space.
    2. Work on one block buster film.
    3. Work for EA.

    Oh ermm. That is all I have right now that I can share with the people of TSR.

    1. Visit my grandma
    2. Have children
    3. Train as an accountant
    4. Buy a house
    5. Move abroad
    6. Go on a luxury round the world tour
    7. Get a masters
    8. Start a business
    9. Take my grandma to Rome, France and Israel
    10. Celebrate at least 60th wedding anniversary with my husband

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    learn salsa
    learn french
    get a 2:1
    have my ass eaten by an experienced woman

    not sure of the others atm

    1. go to new york
    2. go to paris
    3. go to disney land
    4. have at least one child
    5. get married
    6. graduate university

    i don't really have any more, i just want everyday to be the best it can be

    1. Finish a book
    2. Learn how to play the guitar
    3. Then piano
    4. Go to uni
    5. Earn a lot of money
    6. Do something worthwhile (charity, volunteering abroad)
    7. Travel to some places like New York, Tokyo, China
    8. Get married to my soul mate
    9. Make life long friends
    10. Focus on happiness
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    1. Become a virologist
    2. Move to Iceland
    3. Adopt more cats
    4. Get over my fear of flying
    5. Learn to drive
    6. Learn Russian
    7. Take up singing again
    8. Take my mum on her first hol abroad
    9. Get married or get a straight civil partnership to my partner if they come out.
    10. Work with animals up close

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