CS conversion course choice/ employability- please help

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Hopefully somebody can assist. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.

I have BA & MSc in Economics and 13 years post MSc graduation experience in commercial sales.
Considering changing to software development and subsequently attempting to get into a business analysis role.
I have studied 3-4 hours of lectures on MIT Courseware. Basic Python.
A friend within the IT industry feels that my thought process would be of value to a software development team.

I am considering the University of Liverpool, MSc in Computing or
Liverpool John Moores MSc in Computing and Information Systems.

I have verbal acceptance at Liverpool who only enquired if i was comfortable with Mathematics.
Does anybody have experience with either of these degrees?
Would you recommend one over the other?
The module list for both is below.

What I don't want to do is spend time learning theoretical work that may 'potentially' be of value to an employer but focus on immediately applicable sell-able skills. Is this the right way to think?

Would you suggest doing a PG. Cert. Just the core modules?
Would the training be enough to get me a job or would i need to spend a lot more time working on software *******s in my own time before being employable?

Liverpool University
Compulsory modules
Research Methods In Computer Science (COMP516) Show
Object Oriented Software Development (COMP517) Show
Database and Information Systems (COMP518) Show
Web Programming (COMP519) Show
Msc Project (COMP702) Show

Optional modules
Safety and Dependability (COMP524) Show
Reasoning About Action and Change (COMP525) Show
Applied Algorithmics (COMP526) Show
Data Mining (COMP527) Show
Multi-core Programming (COMP528) Show
Computational Intelligence (ELEC475) Show
Multi-agent Systems (COMP310) Show
Technologies for E-commerce (COMP315) Show
Semantics of Programming Languages (COMP317) Show
Advanced Web Technologies (COMP318) Show

Liverpool John Moores
core modules: Research Methods,
Database Design and Technology,
Software Engineering Technology,
Computer Systems Technology,
Management of e-Business,
Information Systems Development and Management.

Complete 2 option modules:
Software Development -Java,
Mobile Computing and Network Forensics.
Computer Networks,
Computer Security,
Business Analysis,
Decision Support Systems,
Network Security,
Human Computer Interaction,
Advanced Topics in Network Security,
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Choose the course that suits you most. I don't like the look of LJM because they rave over networking -- not my thing. But it's completely up to you!
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Yeah it seems to have a lot of focus on web stuff, too. Network security and such are usually not counted as part of CS (more IT).

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