Should I study in the UK or the US

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Hello everyone. I am currently facing the painful decision between choosing the US or the UK for university.
I have a place from Manchester university (UK) and a place from Miami university in Ohio. My chosen are of study is physics.

The things that attract me about the UK are: 1
) I will only be doing physics and no gen eds, which quite appeals to me (I will get out of the course with a deeper knowledge in physics?).
2) I have been led to believe that UK universities encourage independent learning and give you "your time" to learn, which I really like. I don't like the fact that students constantly get homework and assignments in the US, I think trying to get them done can distract you from actually learning, and I have always been more of a self-taught kinda guy.
3) It's Man uni! although if I go to the US, I plan on transferring to top universities (fingers crossed).

Pros for US are,
1) I am about 99% sure I want to do physics. But if that one per cent turns out to be true, it is much easier transferring courses in the US than in the UK.
2) There is a lot more financial aid in the US.
3) I have been led to believe that the UK is a bit of a dull and depressing place....while this is the U.S ... (honestly though, I am not really giving much weight to that last point as my main focus is education).
4) If I do transfer to top unis in the US (MIT and the sort), then these are arguably better places to be than Manchester University ??

So what say you, student roomers? UK or US?

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