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There is, on the international scene, one pervading issue in the current state of affairs. The issue in question is the Middle East, the conflicts that it is embroiled in, and the conflicts that seem inevitable to happen. It now almost looks as if the status quo in the Middle East is war, or at least that it has been for a little over ten years since the US invasion of Iraq.

Since the Iraq war we have seen another invasion in Afghanistan, an Iraqi civil war, a Libyan civil war, massive civil unrest in Egypt, and, of course, the Syrian Civil War. The argument that I am making here, one that has been mentioned with increased frequency in very recent history, is that this period of war holds many similarities with the Thirty Years War, possibly the most destructive period of Modern European history, including the possible length of the conflict.

With sectarianism being at the roots of the two conflicts it is easy to identify two blatant similarities in their origins. Yet further similarities follow, interests from great military powers; USA and Russia in the modern conflicts, then France and Sweden in the older conflict. A breakdown in civil society, a lack of prospects, and ignorance are all factors that can be found between the two. Wars and proxy wars dominate. Russia supporting Iran who in turn support Hezbollah in Lebanon, where the Syrian civil war is spilling over into. America supporting Israel who are locked in perpetual battle with the Palestinian people. Saudi support of ISIS, who are viewed as a threat by Iran, whilst the Saudis retain the backing of America, who may very well be weakening. Chinese reliance on Middle Eastern resources. The Middle East has long been a powder keg, just as Germany was in the Thirty Years War.

The Middle East is past the mouth of hell and it is throttling forward at whirlwind speed. It is no longer on the precipice but it has fallen.

EDIT: It is of course very complex and I don't have the time nor the patience to go into too much depth.

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