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This planning exercise is the toughest yet, basically we have to design an experiment to measure how resistance of a strain gauge varies with the force applied to a material. In general i plan to hang mass on a thin sheet of material, attach the strain gauge and connect and ammeter and voltameter to the strain gauge in order to determine the resistance. I am having real trouble deciding what material to use and it's dimensions, as i need one ductile enough to stretch enough with the force range of 10 - 100 N, and stretch enough so that the strain gauge has a measurable change in resistance. But they havent specified a certain strain gauge to use, and how sensitive it will be to change in length and cross sectional area with resistance. I've tried calculations but even lead of youngs modulus 18Gpa only strecthes like 0.08mm with 10N force when it is 0.2m, by 0.1m, by 0.001m.
Any ideas?
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hi there..
there is already a thread on this topic so you might want to look there for some ideas..
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