How do I lose that little bit and build muscle?

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Looking for abit of advice, I've recently become very health concious. I've always been a slim girl, never fat, but when I started university I did put on some weight. not much, but enough to feel the effects of it. I was still in the "healthy range" though

I'm 5'7 and my usual weight is 60kg.

When I was at my "fattest" I was about 71kg and now after coming home from uni, I'm at 65kg currently.

I want to get back to 60kg or even a little lower. My problem areas are my stomach, it's not fat but like a little pouch? I want it flat & have abs. Also my arms, they're slim but wobbly haha no muscle!

I tend to eat whatever I like without seeing much weight change, obviously during uni something went wrong! (I wasn't happy there, but that's an issue for another day)

what's the best way to get back? I don't want a quick fix, I'm slowly changing my lifestyle, so tips or routines that I can fit in for long term.
I'm still new to this fitness thing and I'm learning loads everyday, so please go easy on the specialist vocab
Thank you
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It sounds like you are already in a great position to start your new lifestyle. The only problem that I think you'd have (and what I also went through) is actually managing the transition from have absolutely no discipline to counting my caloric intake and my meal times and what I ate etc.

As for workouts I recommend starting small, there's really no need to invest in lots of gym equipment but maybe a gym membership would be good as this might motivate your workouts.

Also you might want to plan your meals. To lose weight of course you need to lower your carbohydrate intake but making sure that you have a well balanced diet. Here's a great article which covers nutrition.

Also intermittent fasting is a popular method of losing weight. Here's a guide to intermittent fasting But if you don't want to ready it then basically it's just giving yourself a certain eating time frame e.g between noon-6pm to eat and not eat for the rest of the time. What this does essentially is it helps to increase your metabolism.

Another tip is to go for morning cardio an hour before you would have your breakfast (or lunch if you intermittent fasting). The cardio can be anything from walking to running to swimming etc. Just anything that will get your blood pumping and sweating.

I hope there hasn't been too many specialist terms and I hope this helped you even just a little bit. But feel free to message me if you'd like more advice!

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