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Does any one know how i would measure rates of adoption? I have an assignment to complete and the brief goes like this:

Dear xxxx

I would greatly appreciate it if you could write me a brief report concerning the matters described below.As you know, we have just completed an extensive advertising of our company’s new multi-player online game. In the attached Excel file (game_data.xls) I have entered the number of annual subscriptions obtained from each city. Unfortunately this is all the information which is disappointing. Nevertheless, I hope that this information will help to inform us how to proceed in the future.

Please can you display this information in a suitable manner so that the overall picture can be easily seen? I have also inserted the total population of each city; so please can you use this also to show the adoption rates in each city? I really need something that gives an overall picture at a glance if possible, not only for my own benefit but also because I will be wanting to show this the board of directors of our company. So please give us diagrams and charts rather than just large tables of numbers. However, some numbers are of course important, and so it would be helpful if you could include useful averages and measures of variation alongside these diagrams, charts, graphs etc.

I suspect that the data may show rather different adoption rates for different cities, and I would like to find out the reasons for this. Please therefore can you try to dig a little deeper and present further diagrams, graphs, charts etc. that might help explain this variation. Three theories have been put to me:

· The different age distributions in different cities may have an effect. Are older people more likely to purchase annual subscriptions? Are parents more likely to buy the game for their children? We really don't have much of a clue about this.

· People living in cities where there was a higher rate of adoption last year are more likely to come forward to obtain an annual subscription this year.

· Because of the time involved in commuting to the demonstration centres, the adoption rate may tend to be lower for cities with high average commuting time.

Please can you test these theories? I have included some information in the Excel file that should help you with this.

Also, as part of an attempt to get to know the areas better and why they have had different adoption rates so far, I intend to spend some time based at some of our demonstration centres. However, I won't have time to visit more than about ten of them, and so I was wondering how I should choose which centres to visit. I'm wondering if you could advise me on this matter, please? I want to make the choice at least partly at random, to avoid bias, and also so that no centre manager feels that he or she is being picked on (or overlooked) intentionally, but I also want to ensure that I see a representative sample of centres, especially with regard to adoption rates.

What do you think? I vaguely remember from my student days learning about cluster samples and quota samples and systematic samples and stratified samples and simple random samples .... I can remember the names but I can't remember what they all mean.

Please can you therefore recommend a sampling method to use for this survey, or perhaps some different alternatives, together with any pros and cons? Please be as precise as you can about the exact way in which I should choose my sample.

________________________________ ________________________________ _________--

A snapshot of the data, which is in an excel document goes like this (Student room wont let me copy and paste it, but the headers with their respective numbers are..):

Purchases of Annual Subscription this year ('000)
Last year purchases of annual subscription Population ('000)

Population under 17 ('000)

Population over 40 ('000)

Average Commuting time to demonstration centre

If anyone can help with this, that would be amazing. I've also highlighter other parts that i'm currently struggling with if anyone can shed a light on them too..Thanks!

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