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Confused about American Unis watch


    (Original post by Howard)
    No, you wouldn't skip the first year. In the US a four year degree is standard.
    I read about this guy who graduated in 3 years or something... but he was one of those strange people who did nothing but work. Much better to go at the normal rate and enjoy the experience if you ask me...

    Don't Americans start school later than us? So we graduate at the same time, but they have one less year?

    Yes you *can* skip the first year. A high enough score on the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Abitur or other forms of international/european high school qualifications will allow you to place out of a good many classes (with credit awarded) and you can thus finish in three years. Basically the standard for the first year of a top UK uni like Oxbridge or LSE is equivalent to the second year of an American university in terms of coursework in your major subject.

    I do know of several foreign students who finished in three years, usually with top grades too.

    BTW, it's *not* a good idea for a prepared eager foreign student to NOT place out of first-year classes. Especially first-year calculus if you've done A-level Maths or further Maths. You won't be challenged and you'll get lazy and complacent. This will hurt you later.

    I graduated from American High School at 17 and then graduated *** laude from an American university in three years.

    I'm just a normal guy but I started grade school one year earlier. I was able to graduate college in three years instead of four by passing the advanced placement tests that were related to my major and the uni's general requirements, did uni summer school every year, and did some long term planning regarding classes (basically made sure I knew which classes I need to take in order to graduate faster). I took a normal American uni workload and did not have to take extra classes each term...I guess I just planned well.

    oh yeah I also worked pretty hard, but I still had a lot of fun and saved a year's worth of tuition...not too shabby.

    (Original post by ThornsnRoses)
    but they finish in grade 12...a year before us...My dad also told me they finished at 17...he grew up in the states. It might be because he was really young at graduation, because he's a summer boy...i dont know but im sure they finish at 17.

    Also, aren't people in the year the same age from January to December, unlike in Europe when we're allowed to go to school at September. So the age range is from Sept 1st to August 31st.
    The reason there are only twelve grades is that formal education starts a year later in the states than in Britain. So when UK students are in year one (age 5-6), USA students are in kindergarten; when the UKs are in year two, the USAs are in first grade.
    12th grade is the same as yr 13/upper sixth, so both british and american students finish at the same age (18, or 17 if a summer baby). Obviously there are exceptions with people moving up a grade, starting or finishing school a year early etc, but it's usual to finish at 18.
    The standard length of a USA ugrad course is 4 years.The credit system sometimes means a person can graduate earlier, but it's quite rare for someone to do that.

    Hope that helps
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