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So my first choice is to study business management and Japanese at university in September but my big worry is that since Japanese is such a difficult language it would be way too difficult to study, and I would be better continuing with German. It was pointed out to me that ab initio learners are put into the same classes as the advanced learners in the second year which worries me because there is no way I would be able to compete and keep up with native speakers and people who have been learning Japanese for several years like at A level for example. Also I've been told the stress of ab initio in such a difficult language would destroy my social life, especially when in summer I'd have to study Japanese throughout as stated by the university.
Also if I continued with German I would be straight into the advanced course where I'd have a much better chance at progressing and doing well in the final exams at the end of year four which everyone, ab initio or not will be taking. What are people's thoughts on this, at potentially being at a disadvantage throughout. Also in a language like Japanese what level would you expect to come out at, would it be even lower because I'd be doing a joint honours since I'm studying business management in tandem with Japanese?
Oh and don't take this badly but this was mentioned to ,me that in the business world I would have less chance at succeeding in the language and in the job market since I'm a white male, as compared to an Asian person or even a Japanese person who is practically fluent in both languages. Therefore would I just be better off with German combined with my business degree. I do love both languages but in the end I have to choose what's best after my degree.

I've mentioned loads but I'd really appreciate help on this, so I can get this sorted before results day.

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