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Hi everyone! This is one of my first posts at The Student Room. I'm a prospective student from Poland. I got rejected from UCL (my firm choice) and Glasgow (insurance) because of my exam results.

I'm in Clearing and I cannot decide whether to go to Southampton or Exeter for undergraduate Physics. I would really appreciate any comments about the cities, universities and physics faculties.

One of the things I find strange is that Exeter is higher in British rankings (in Physics as well) but Southampton is higher in international rankings (and significantly higher in Physics). I know I shouldn't rely solely on rankings and this is why I'm creating this thread. But which rankings do you find more adequate for undergraduate students?

PS. I would like to study postgraduate Physics at universites like ULC or Imperial (maybe in the USA - is Southampton nor Exeter more known there?) - which of these (Southampton, Exeter) universities would give me more chance to achive this?
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Hi Deldin, welcome to TSR!

The ratings measure totally different things:
International ratings measure Teaching, International Outlook, Industry Income, Research, and Citations.
UK ratings measure Entry Standards, Student Satisfaction, Research Assessment, and Graduate Prospects.

So it depends which of these measures is most important to you. As an undergraduate, perhaps the UK ratings system would be more relevant. However, both Southampton and Exeter are very good unis and have high rankings both Internationally and in the UK.

It also depends of course if either of those Universities have any spaces available through Clearing for Physics!
Good luck!

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