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I do read around the subject a lot but i was wondering if anyone knows of any good magazines or websites to look at for extra to what i already do. I already read national geographic and subscribe to geographical newsletter emails
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I've got plenty on geography further reading, started reading some geography journals too such as Applied Geography, Global Environmental Change, Geography and Natural Disasters and more

I have too many to name individually but I have quite a few of the 'very short introduction' series: The EU, The World Trade Organisation, Globalisation, Global Economic History, Geopolitics, Capitalism, Global catastrophes, Global Warming etc. a few others too

PM me if you want more books, in regards to websites, I'll see what I can find when I search through my bookmarks.

These are some suggestions that I've quickly found off Google
Geographical Association:
Royal Geographical Society:
Joint Nature Conservation Committee:
Disclaimer: This list of suggested resources for wider reading is designed as a set of informal suggestions and does not necessarily
represent official policy of the University of Cambridge and its Colleges.
Rosie Sharkey, [email protected] or [email protected], Cambridge, 2012
Geological Society:
British Geological Survey:

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