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Best Gym For Students In MMU

Where Is The Best Place To Work Out For Students In Mmu?

Is The Like A Gym For Students Or What?

Il Defo Need 2 Get That Sorted Before I Start Heavy Drinkin :tongue:
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the MMU website has a section covering this.

google 'manchester aquatics centre' :smile:
Manchester Metropolitan University
There is a gym right next to the uni

Here is the address and contact details

Sugden Sports Centre
114 Grosvenor Street
M1 7HL
0161 200 4026
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I'm gonna be joining the one at the Manchester Aquatics centre (Commonwealth games swimming pool) as I went to it on the open day and the gym looked pretty good. 2mins walk from Cambridge Halls too - think I saw something about it being £60 for 6 months gym + pool which is good..
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Anyone got any idea how much the gym in Wilmslow park costs? Would be great since I'm staying there but i cant find nowt online
does anybody have a website about the aquatics centre where it states the prices and stuf?? also does anyone know how far it is from the manchester met business campus?? thanx xxxxx
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From the business school is about 10 mins walk.
thats great!!!! at least its close..cant see myself lugging around my gym kit travelling far after a long day at uni so thanx!!
does anybody know of any good gyms around town or near the business school that is a ladies only gym with a swimming pool or a normal gym with a pool that has ladies only days/times?? i dont mean a normal local gym or swimming centre something nice like virgin or something with cheap rates?? ive had a look on the net but cant seem to find anything??!!! thanx
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Yeah there is a Virgin on Deansgate....Think I saw something in the paper the other day, that is just near the Arndale Centre
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The Sugden is fairly good, got a good range of equipment etc... It's £2.05 for a gym session or £1.75 for a fitness class.