Drop chemistry or Redo whole AS year??

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I got a disappointing BBCD at AS with the D in chemistry. But I'd like to do medicine.
I know that I did badly because I didn't revise, but I can get As and now that I've had this wakeup call I think I have the motivation to work as hard as possible.

I'm know I can easily pull the Bs up to As and probably even the C, but-
the C is in French and I was initially planning on dropping it because I need bio and chem for medicine at A level, but now I'm not sure what to do. It looks like my options are:

1. Drop chemistry (but resit to get a B) then hopefully do medicine at a uni where I can do it with just biology, or do my second choice of international relations.
2. Resit whole year, get better in chem so i can drop french as planned and hopefully do medicine at a uni where they don't mind resits.
3. Try to continue all 4 to keep my options open and see what happens? worst case- no medicine due to lower grades. best case- get admitted with maybe B in chem instead of A.

Any advice on what seems the best idea, what unis accept people with no chem at A2, what unis accept resits etc would be greatly appreciated!
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This probably isn't much help, but i definitely would NOT drop Chemistry.

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