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Greetings, people of TSR. This is my very first thread

anyway, I've been lost between going to bath or southampton for EEE.

if i am to go solely by league tables and subject rankings, southampton is clearly the better university. but when i start considering other factors, things get a little murky. from what ive read online, people seem to think that the city of southampton is somewhere between average and plain bad.

People keep telling me that bath is an "overall better university", which to be honest, I'm not sure what it means. Only a few years ago, southampton was ahead of even cambridge and imperial college in some engineering courses, one of which being EEE.

what do you guys think about both universities for EEE, and about the cities in which they are housed? Which is an "overall better university"?
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Perhaps I'm biased but Surrey is the best electronics department in the UK this year

But back to your question, no doubt Southampton is the better of the two. Generally Southampton and Surrey tend to occupy the top 2 spots for electronics, the top spot switches round year on year. Cambridge will be on top in some tables but don't forget that they don't offer EEE, only general engineering! Imperial is rarely above either or both Surrey or Southampton.

I am from near Southampton and absolutely love it there. It's a great night out and there is loads to do. Yes it has its dodgy bits but so does everywhere. Also it has the best football team ever!

Bath is a really lovely area and it is marginally nicer than Southampton, but I don't think personally that it's enough to offset the difference in Course quality.

The best thing to do is visit the areas. If you adore Bath and/or hate Soton then go to Bath. Otherwise go to Southampton.

...Or Surrey.

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