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MMU Casino Jobs!


Whos got the same idea as me, as we all have to find a job, I want to work in a casino when Im in Manchester, whos thinking the same as me, anyone out there, do you think I will get a job at a casino, Im a gambler as well.

Please give your suggestions.

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What makes me wonder is, you are already struggling to make ends meet because you are not going to have enough money to survive on in uni, now you are a self confessed gambler and you want to work in a casino. Do you really think it is a good idea?
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Hes obviously not a very good gambler :biggrin:

A casino will need experience if their going to hire you. Have you worked in a Casino before?
Here are some numbers for Casinos in Manchester. Give them a call and ask about vacancies etc.

Hard Rock Casino - 0161 838 5300
Grosvenor Casino - 0161 228 3141
Manchester Mint Casino - 0161 236 3034
Manchester Circus Casino - 0161 228 0077

Dont tell them your a gambler as its more likely to count against you rather than help you.
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Hard Rock has closed down/is closing down.
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HAH well I had a friend who worked for a Casino in Manchester...and it may be a good idea if you want to stop gambling and save a bit of money BECAUSE something to do with their laws, if you work in a Casino, you are not allowed to gamble in one...I don't know why probably something to do with things you find out whilst working and preferential treatment?

But that's how it was when he worked in a casino here.