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    This is going to be a little long winded so bear with me

    At uni I'm looking to take a business degree like Management or Marketing (or both).
    As it stands, I'll start my A-levels in September and study Economics, English Lit, Psychology and Religious Studies.
    BUT I've been asking around with some universities and although there aren't any specific subject requirements for the courses I've been looking at, a few of them have hinted that taking maths might not be a bad idea.
    My problem with that is I've never been particularly good at Maths. I worked very hard to get from a C to an A in a year but I'm not sure that I would able to do the A-level and come out with an A (which is the requirement of the courses I've got in mind).
    THEN I think 'well if I take Maths, what do I drop?'. English Lit is my strongest subject so that's staying and Economics is a no brainer for business so that isn't going anywhere either. I would drop psychology because I was never that keen on taking it in the first place, but then is RS too subjective for a guaranteed A? Would I be putting myself at a disadvantage by not having a science at A-Level?

    I'd really appreciate any suggestions at this point, I'm sort of in turmoil. I was thinking of maybe taking Maths at AS and then dropping it for A2 but then I would have to pick up another AS to do in my A2 year (maybe Chemistry?).
    If anyone would like to know what options are available for me, I can take the following, however my stronger subjects are essay based ones:
    Eng. Lang
    Eng. Lit
    Classical Civilisation

    My brother just finished his business degree and he took English lit+lang combined, geography and business studies. (Maths at AS)

    As long as you get the grades the university ask for it doesn't really matter in what subjects. Although, for my brothers uni they asked for business studies A-level.
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    Ah okay, so it as long as you get the grades they're not too fussed?

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