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    I'm in a bit of a dilemma.

    A few weeks ago a few (ex) colleagues invited my on a night out for tomorrow as that's when everyone was free. I've not been able to really speak to them about it as i don't work at the place any more but i do have one of their numbers. They have a history of forgetting plans or going ahead with them and not letting me know the details so i have to ask- I feel like i'm the one always asking what's happening so i didn't want to ask this time and waited for them to make the move. They mentioned it once last week after a spontaneous night out the day I left my job but haven't mentioned it since.

    My friend A is having a little get together at her house tomorrow night as well. She asked me and i accepted not not initially realising that this would clash with my first commitment with my colleagues I realised Wednesday but they (my colleagues) still hadn't mentioned this night out so I assumed it wasn't happening/they were going ahead without me and so started to make plans with my friends. A few friends and my boyfriend who are going to A's house (me and my boyfriend have the same group of friends) asked if i fancied going into town after it since As party wasn't going to be on too late since she is working the next day. I accepted and we started making plans.

    This morning however my colleague text me asking if i still wanted to go out tomorrow night. I decided that I would meet up with them in town and go to As for a little bit - which was what was happening with my friends who were going into town anyway. That was sorted. What i don't know what to do about is my friends who are going into town with me. We are all going up together but i don't just want to ditch them as soon as we get out the taxi. they knew I was invited out with my colleagues as i said to them that I was supposed to be but they hadn't mentioned it, and they said we could meet up with them and it would save me being the only girl (it's all guys that are going out after, including my boyfriend, and i was worried i would look like a clingy girlfriend tagging along on a lads night out http://forums.cosmopolitan.co.uk/cm/...icons//lol.gif )

    My friends are great guys and get along with anyone however i'm not sure how my colleagues would feel about my guy friends and boyfriend tagging along (they're all girls so i'm not sure if they were after a girls night!). Even though i was with the company for a little over a year i've only just started going on nights out with these girls and getting closer to them so i'm not sure what their views would be on it.

    I'm in a bit of a pickle since i wrongly assumed my work night out wasn't happening and accidently double booked myself.

    Do i mention to my colleagues about my guys friends and boyfriend tagging along? I mean they may not even want to go to the place i'm going with my colleagues but i don't just want to ditch them after the taxi journey and let them go do whatever. Plus I live quite a distance from town and would be getting an entirely different taxi/bus home from my colleagues who would be going home together as they live near each other. I always met up with friends who happened to be in town to get home with or my boyfriend picked me up. So, at the risk of looking like i'm using them (which i'm not haha!), my friends being there would be also make it 10x easier for me in terms of getting home!

    Yes, mention it.

    Some of them might not be happy about it, as like you said maybe they wanted a girl's night out. They might all be cool with it anyway though, but I would mention it.

    Personally I hate going to see a friend to do something, and then they mention at the last minute their friend(s) who I don't know are tagging along.
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