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Help: I think my best friend didn't get into university? watch

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    TL;DR - Best friend (probably) rejected from her one medicine offer. What do I do to help her through it?

    Yesterday morning I texted her with 'soooo...?' after getting my uni offer and she didn't reply. She's not great at replying quickly so I wasn't too worried but I called her after picking up my results (different schools) and she hung up on me halfway through it ringing. I assumed she was busy and just shrugged it off. A couple hours later I still hadn't heard so I sent her a text asking if she was okay, called again without an answer and sent another text just with 'dude?' to see if she was getting my texts. At that point I was really starting to worry so last night I sent another text basically telling her I didn't need to know details or anything but I wanted to know if she was alive (jokingly) seeing as she wasn't answering anything and I was worried. I got a reply at 1am (this girl doesn't stay up late) telling me to chill out and that she was 'waiting' or something and asked how I'd done but it wasn't in her style of texting at all, there were no emoticons or jokes or anything. I told her I was in and asked about her holiday, she answered saying she was proud of me and it was more in her 'tone of texting' but still not a normal reply. I've sent back telling her to feel free to call me if she wants to talk about anything but I can't see her doing it because she tends to close up when she's upset. I live up the road so I'm thinking of going over with cake and chocolate or something but I'd have no idea what to say :/

    We've been best friends for years but she isn't a very open person I know that she lets me know a lot more than some of her other friends so she is more open with me. I've also been getting texts from mutual friends or her other close friends asking if I've heard anything but I haven't answered because it's not my place to do so.

    She's clever and was set on medicine but being someone who considered it, I know how competitive it is. I'm extremely worried that she's going to close up and get dragged down with this though because I know she was set on it and her parents were already disappointed she hadn't got an offer from a 'better' university but she liked it. At the same time idk if it's a definite rejection because she said she was 'waiting' for something but it sure looks like it from the outside.

    How do I help her through all this? Has anyone experienced this themselves or helped a friend through it?

    It's very difficult to advise someone how to deal with an anonymous person's emotional difficulties. It could be that she just wants to be left alone for a bit, or it could be that she she desperately wants support but she can't ask for it. You are her best friend, which makes you the best person to ask. I would play it by ear.

    I hope she's ok.

    She may be waiting on remarks. Maybe you should just talk to her about unrelated things for a few days and see if things clear up

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    Go see her

    I have a friend like that, not really open. She was even worse with school reports. She wouldn't tell me what she got in any subjects. She probably won't even tell me her GCSE results next week.You can't make her tell you, she can tell you in her own time if she wants. If she never tells you, you still have to respect that choice. So I think you should go round hers with that cake/chocolate and talk about other things. Try to avoid the A-level results and uni, unless she brings it up x
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