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Hiatt Baker anyone??

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i'm not sure what time i have to arrive....hmm, i think at 2ish? but i have no clue, better go and check...
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does anyone know how i would get a job at the bar at HB? i'm nearly in debt already..screw it, i need a job there a job centre equivalent at bristol?
Parents not around :frown: I'll probably really miss them when I'm in some sort of emergency and desperately requiring parental assistance..

The parent's warden thingy, are we supposed to go?

edit: lists are good :biggrin:

What I was thinking?
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ah i'm feeling stressed i've left packing a bit late and havent sorted my fancy dress out yet ahhh my mums trying to convince me to take a bedside table but the warden will probably beat me up for bringing extra furniture.. and my pin number hasnt arrived from my bank so i'll be poor!!! haha

I haven't sorted out my fancy dress either.
the victory james

I haven't sorted out my fancy dress either.

Same. What shall I bee or a wasp?

What is there anyhow. An H or B? School night thingie? Any others?
This will be probably the last message from me before I reach the hall.
I will be too depressed in the morning to write anything because I will miss my F1 finals.:bban: Gooo Schumiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I will try to configure my net and send photos of my room as soon as I reach there though it may not be of any use as most of you guys will reach on Sunday afternoon.

15 hours for
DATE: 29th SEP 2006
END TIME: 23:30

So looking forward to meeting everyone.:redface:
I've got the school uniform sorted, I just nicked old uniform off my little brother - as he goes to the same school I've just left.

Even got an old blazer of mine (maroon! ugh).

The HB thing I haven't sorted...
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I refused to bring my school blazer, in fact I borrowed my uniform from a mate who went to another school. Aha.



I'm in Block F, top of the hill, 2nd floor. Room number F221.

It is really quiet here, I haven't seen anyone else on my floor. I suspect a girl moved in near me but despite shuffling by countless times her door remains firmly shut.

The room's a bit small when you walk in, but after a while you get used to the space and it seems alright.

Got my ResNet up in about 1.5h, probably because my n00b computer had some settings I had to fix.

There I think I've covered it all. I may be arsed to take pictures when I get my webcam up and running.

I want to meet people, dammit.
Photos goddamn you.

Why you there so early?
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Because the place I was staying at was going to be bombarded with other guests. It's complicated. No real reason I guess.

I need to get to the city centre, buggerit. Anyway I'll get yer photos up later :biggrin:
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I have a plan for the HB party... but it relies on me getting supplies and some spare time in Bristol. I'll look the biz should all things work out!

As for the school uniform stuff, I have no idea what I'm going to do so I might just miss it. I went to a non-uniform school for 7 years which makes life hard :wink:
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Oh some things to note:

The heaters are the horrid old kinds. With wires that turn red and can kill you if you try to dry your socks on them (they'll burn). Well, at least in Block F. No idea about the rest.

There's only two sockets. That I can find at least, and I've crawled around the whole room looking. So you will need that extension plug, and get those where there's a length of wire attached to it cos the sockets aren't very near the beds.

Hmm that's all I can think of now. I've taken them pics, now i just have to figure out how to get them up.

^ same for me and HB but my plan is in extremely preliminary stages :frown: for school uniform you can just throw together something vaguely uniformish, or just wear anything you like and say thats your school uniform and make others envious.
If you're a girl you have to wear a short skirt, pigtails and a tight shirt.

I thought that was the whole point of it yeah.

Do we get an iron at HB?
the victory james
If you're a girl you have to wear a short skirt, pigtails and a tight shirt.

I thought that was the whole point of it yeah.

Do we get an iron at HB?[/QUOTE]
I sure hope so. Everyone bringing an iron would be a bit daft, so im risking it...
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Ok picspam!

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, my camera has problems. Bah. Enjoy :smile:

edit: whoops big pics.
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Redserene, we have the same laptop! Cheers for the pics even though they made me realise I'm going to have no space whatsoever to fit all my clothes in :frown: I don't suppose there is a full-length mirror hidden inside the wardrobe is there? Had a chance to check out the bathroom facilities yet?

Oh yeah and I'm bringing an iron sans ironing board.
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haha cool! Don't bring an iron, they have irons and ironing boards. I ran into the cleaning lady on my floor and she lent me her extra iron and she's alright with lending it around, so if you really can't find any and can be arsed to come to my block, yeah.

From what I hear you rarely need ironing anyway, seniors say hang your clothes up and wrinkles be gone.

Wardrobe's not too bad, I'll PM you a pic. No mirror I'm afraid :frown: Didn't take pics of the bathrooms cos I couldnt get a good view. 4 shower cubicles and 2 for pissing, pretty clean. I'll get back to you on how good the showers are :tongue:
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Wow, snap on the laptop again!

The room looks really nice, a lot less like a prison than I was imagining.

I also have the same worries about storage space, my policy of buying new clothes when I didn't have any clean ones has come back to haunt me! Also not bringing an ironing board, according to my Mum you can use a towel on the floor as a substitute. However, this may be a lie. I think I will learn to live with creases and avoid the whole conundrum.
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Hehe really that's weird. Plus you two are doing Biology and Chemistry so I'll be in both of your lectures seeing as I'm doing Biochemistry!

I might still bring my iron since I bought one specially, but I won't bother with the board.