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Hiatt Baker anyone??

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I'm F block, 2nd floor, room 223.

Come knock if you so wish.

Bare good!
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Reply 241
A block, 3rd floor, room 307

A block is where the party is at...
Some birds from E block told me that "E is the place to be".

Clearly F is where the book people roll.
Reply 243
they would say that...
Reply 244
I'm an E bird and it is the place to be haha i'm in E115 first floor
Reply 245
how good was that mackeral thing? spicy pasta bake can sod right off...
I went to the freshers party thing last night at hb, saw loads of fellow 2nd yrs there too! the football was fun! hows everyone enjoying it? felt wierd bein back there
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damn i only saw a friend or two last nite... but i met a few nice ppl, and a lovely girl is staying in my room, b223 this year :biggrin::biggrin:
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Righto list time it is then.

the victory james - F223
Nik87 - A307
rachyfig - E115
redserene - F221
waterlily - C102

James I think I've seen you around quite a bit if that's you in F223. Did you cut your hair ridiculously short then? Or do the sports introductory thingything?

F block already has a reputation for being the party block. Ha.
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how good was that mackeral thing? spicy pasta bake can sod right off...

What mackerel thing? At dinner I had a wee bit from the salad bar and was looking forward to my spinach tortellini, and then they said I couldn't have it! Arrrgh my hot meal!
Reply 250
yeah you can only have either a hot meal or a cold meal.
Reply 251
Hey, HB is great!! im in C102, and if you hadn't guessed it my name is Lily, whats everyone elses real names??
Reply 252
the girls on my floor have me dressed in a skirt. time for a change methinks...
Reply 253
I met a Lily on the champagne cruise last night from C block so that could well be youuu!
Reply 254
Floor above you Lily, was chatting to you yesterday. :biggrin: It's been awesome so far, I'm going to take it easy tonight though, it's all catching up with me a bit. :frown: However, I said that yesterday, and still went out. :p:
Hi guys,
So finally I made it to the hall with my ncl stuff. The first week was totally hectic(hate the inductions), I still don't know most of my flat mates and wasn't able to go in any of the fresher events. The only thing which I do know is the guy on my left is doing civil and the girl on the right psychology. Crap I forgot there names. Really wanted to go for the formal thingy butit was sold out.

I am in B309 so feel free to come and also watch movies. Look forward to meeting you guys.

Hopefully I will be able to mix up with the ppl on my floor during the weekend.
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Hey I'm in B-block btw. I've just got back from walking from Oceana barefoot [due to heels] all the way to HB and am absolutely knackered. I think the only person I've seen is victory james but I haven't introduced myself yet just incase it isn't him :redface:
Haha when did you see me?
Reply 258
I think I might have seen you too james but thought it'd be a bit random to say hello as i'm not a regular on here lol
Reply 259
Yeah same here. Errr I've seen you in the dining room a couple of times, I think. Well, if it is you. I've not posted a pic up on here yet but I'm wearing a red Art Brut tee today so if you see me...