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Hiatt Baker anyone??

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That's what happened with us. Everyone knew that Badock had a reptuation for **** food, so for the first two weeks, they made it really nice. After that, it's been downhill all the way.

Having said that, last night (and every two weeks) we have fish and chips, which fantastic. The only dinner we get that I would actually pay for.

Me and Nick are trying brunch for the first-ever time today...
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Reply 281
how was it?
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Not bad, really. Good choice of stuff, me and Nick just went for the 'breakfast' option, rather than have anything with chips. Got a doughnut too.

I don't know why we haven't gone before; we love the breakfasts, but we can't be arsed to get up at 8....brunch is the perfect compromise.
We just had to use plastic cutlery for brunch cos they're shutting off the ****ing hot water and they finally gave us chips but for breakfast, WTF?

I really want to try a Badock dinner, they can't be that bad!

nick how was wedgies?
Our fish and chips is awful.

I swear the chips lodge in my throat and stay there for hours. That's how dirt it is.
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yeh our fish could kill a joke. just like a fishy smelling dagger... how hard were the pain au chocolat this morning as well? so stale you could hit them on the tray and they cracked...
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I had to pay £3 for one of your breakfasts :frown:

£3 for 'cheesy toast' 3 pence worth of spaghetti and a couple of sausages with about 2% meat content.
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ah, beginners mistake. breakfast on tuesday and wednesday arent worth it, just stay in bed...
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Lol, isn't Wednesday 'bagel day'? Our dinners may be worse than eating cat food, but at least our breakfasts are good!
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Meh I missed brunch today. Unfortunately I think I've gotten quite used to the food. It's deadened my taste buds :eek: Yeah definitely with you on the fish and chips, the fish died for nothing. I always pass on the chips, never quite liked chips anyway. The scampi was quite good though. Oh the chocolate mousse. Yuck. Ah you gotta love Friday takeaway-style dinners.

I hate bagel days too. Wednesday has become my favourite day for seriously contemplating missing lectures. I think the Tuesday and Friday croissants are great though.

Have I mentioned that they've been know to run out of food if you go down to dinner half an hour before they stop serving?
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cheese on toast for breakfast is just wrong.

thursday is blatently the best breakfast day - bacon, eggs and hash browns
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i'm a big fan of sundays, if i can be bothered to get up. wed is by far the worst. bagels? bacon? WHAT?!
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Ah. Eggs. Anyone wonder why they can't do eggs that aren't cooked to rock-hard perfection?

It made Sunday breakfast special because the centre-most bit of the yolk wasn't solid.
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Fried bread. Sausage. Egg. Bacon. Hash Brown. Beans. Mon-Fri. Can't argue with Badock breakfasts.

There's cereal and stuff for pansies, too.
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Hash browns!! Mm. They don't do them often enough :frown:
On my 3rd ever breakfast last week, the hash browns literally disintegrated when I tried to put my fork in them.
Reply 296
better than my egg today. according to my medic friend,

"the egg's cooked so much, the shell won't release from the membrane".

suffice to say, i threw it away.
Reply 297
We just like to moan about it :biggrin:

Seriously though, apart from the oft-overcooked food item, i'd say the breakfasts are pretty good. Almost all other halls have the exact same thing everyday. I have breakfast everyday so some variety is a good thing. Oh, and the poached egg was slightly soft in the centre! ah!!!
My 4th breakfast was alright.

The banging lemon juice makes everything better.
Reply 299
apple juice FTW....