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Hiatt Baker anyone??

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you havnt sent your forms back yet? :hmmm:

No as I only got sent them on Friday. Was there an envelope? As I got 5 letters on the same day so I'm all a bit jumbled.
Inside University of Bristol
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there is no enveleope to reply to accommodation.
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We had to pay for their postage, I'm not expecting an envelope :tongue: I think I sent both the payment and confirmation forms to the accomodation office instead of separately to finance and accomodation, oops. Lalalala.
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I sent off both acceptances of accomodation. we all make mistakes :P
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I wasn't sure if I was supposed to send one or both and decided to keep one just in case :tongue:
I have no idea what I sent off.

That whole admin crap just confused me and made me want to curl up in the foetal position on the floor.
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I havn't sent that off yet. I just can't be bothered.
I just had the scariest DREAM of Hiatt Baker Hall.

:tumble:First of all the porters were threatening me on my every move for some reason. I can distinctly remember one of them saying to me “We are watching you; things like these are not allowed in the hall!!!”:wtf?:. The porters face exactly matched the one I have seen In the handbook:pcguru:.

Then I was given room number 481 by the lady at the reception but she never said anything to me:vader:. As I started searching for my room there were stalls distributing free stuff like mugs and leaflets (not gonna happen in real at least for the mugs). And I can remember one of the fresher’s saying to his brother “Look Matt what you have done now!”(Probably he broke something);dancejf;.

After passing a long hallway I was still unable to find my room. Then there was this huge crowd of freshers who pushed me forward :centipe: and we were then just looking at the shops (medicine, cloths, fashion store). It was more like those underground shopping complexes (e.g. Eldon Square, Newcastle). And then I just woke up.:eek3:

So its 4:52 am IST now and I will post this on the forum in few minutes.
I just didn’t wanna go back to sleep after this scary insight of the hall. It was just so stone cold:ninja:.

So anyway I just hope that the hall will be much better in reality.

:bang:9 DAYS TO GO!! HURRAYY!!:bang:
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You scare me.
That's just how it's gonna be.

Except with added victory james obviously.
I had a short story dream after ages and I really wanted to write it down:p: .

Series of scary and freakish dreams by Mukund
1. Heathrow Airport freak passport swap
2. Airport Baggage misplacement (everything was lost:frown: )
3. Plane's engine blow up probably due to a bird but were able to make a safe landing but cant remember where:biggrin: ''LOST:rolleyes: ''

I normally have such scary dreams when i am thinking or worried about that situation.

HAHA, love the little emoticons to further illustrate the trauma of the dream :p:
Da Terms & Conditions for the uSe of the Refrigerator and Kitchen:rolleyes:

1. The user is allowed to keep anything in it if and only if it doesn’t smell bad

2. The owner of an item can mix anything (also includes cyanide) in the edible stuff without anyone else’s consent.

3. Anyone using someone else’s stuff does it at her or his own risk. The owner is NOT responsible for stomach malfunction or possible death.
:toilet: :five: ;rip;

4. Items which are classified in the shareable section includes milk, butter, cheese, bread, water, washing liquid, scrubber, bread and any thing else which is of common interest.

5. When consuming someone else’s milk you are only entitled to take up to 100ml and not the whole freaking bottle.

6. You are not allowed to consume someone else’s stuff in front of them as he or she may possibly go berserk.

7. NO one should use utensils which don’t belong to them except toasters.
8. The owner is authorized to KILL anyone who steals his food especially cakes.

9. It’s advisable to get a health insurance before consuming someone else’s stuff

10. The Kitchen shall only be used for making and consuming food NOT for flirting, any social events and especially soap liquid fight.
;kissing2; #hump# :cheers:

And finally the most important one of them all: -
11. NO ONE should even touch MY chocolate cake, veg. pizzas and strawberry & banana flavored milk.

P.S. The author has one year experience in a hall and is a very nice and innocent person (normally). T&C’s are subjected to change without prior notice.;smartass;

Any one wants to add anything to it??
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:rofl: nice work! you must be as bored as i am...
Yes I am bored to the limit:boring: .
I have packed and unpacked my stuff around 12 times.
I have probably weighed it 24 times to match the airlines restrictions.
Planned my luggage transfer trip from ncl to brs 6 times.
I just don't know what to do?:confused:
Yes I am bored to the limit:boring: .
I have packed and unpacked my stuff around 12 times.
I have probably weighed it 24 times to match the airlines restrictions.
Planned my luggage transfer trip from ncl to brs 6 times.
I just don't know what to do?:confused:

Ahh good luck you have a much more complicated trip then we do it would seem.
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did you say you were at newcastle uni? why the change?
Well 3 of my close friends decided to change their university and therefore I did the same. Also ncl was really boring for me; it's a nice friendly place but the connection just didn't click.

Also Bristol is better ranked for my course and my Physics teacher studied from there.:wink:
The first person who applied got all his uni's rejected and he will stay in ncl for now:frown: .
Me and the other two got confirmed entry into Kings college london but later on me and the guy doing the same course as me decide to withdraw our entry and go for Bristol which was our insurance choice.

So now me and my friend Abhay are both gonna commence BEng Electronic Eng 2nd year at BRS:rolleyes: .


My friend Abhay also got accepted in Hiatt Baker Hall.:redface:
So again we are gonna again live in the same hall :tee: and we are doing the same course :ssaw:and we are both from Delhi:beer:. Though he is gonna arrive 1 week after I do.

So looking forward to it now!!:biggrin:
(Me drinking coke) :cheers: (hIM ;-P)
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As a result of constant interrogation of a senior, I can help you with the first question:

There's 4 cubicles and 4 showers per toilet, with each floor having one male and female toilet. I heard that there's rarely a need to queue for the girls (who on average take 5 times as long as guys to bathe) so I don't think there should be a problem for guys.

Unless you like showering with other guys :tongue:

haha, anyway, just a quick note to let the guys know sometimes gals use guys toilet coz it's closer. so dun be too surprised to see a girl walk out of it.