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    This is a bit of a long one, sorry!!
    I love languages and I know that lots of people feel that a language degree is a bit pointless, but for me it is the only thing that I could happily spend 4 years of my life doing and I imagine that it would open a lot of doors.
    I plan on studying German and French with perhaps a little Dutch or Arabic. I received my AS results on Thursday and I achieved 3As in late history, economics and general studies and 3Bs in French, German and critical thinking. After my degree I would like to do an MA in journalism with the aim of going on to become a Foreign Correspondent.
    I'm looking for a university which has an intellectual atmosphere where people are genuinely excited by learning and there is a lot of support available for those who want to do well. The course has to have lots of flexibility with the module choice. On a shallow note, I'd quite like a pretty, unique city where there's pretty buildings, good bookshops and fantastic sports facilities. I've narrowed my choices down to;
    - Durham University Modern Languages and Cultures
    - The University of Warwick Modern Languages
    - St Andrews Arabic, French and German or French and German
    - University of Bath Modern Languages and European Studies
    - University of Exeter Modern Languages
    - Kings College London French and German
    - University of Bristol French and German
    - University of Nottingham Modern Languages
    - Lancaster University Modern Languages
    - University of York French and German
    - University of Edinburgh French and German
    I hope to complete A2s in French, German and economics with general studies as it is compulsory. I am also undertaking an EPQ about the German 1990 reunification. I will start in 2016 after a gap year which I will spend au pairing in either France or Germany.
    Does anybody have any advice or information which could help me in narrowing down my choices!! Thank you!!

    I'll be starting a degree at the University of Warwick this year, and I'm doing French and German studies I honestly fell in love with Warwick and I can't wait to start. The sports facilities there are great and after going to into the town and to Coventry there are a range of shops, including bookshops, available. Also from looking at the course, there are various modules to choose from. I would go there for an open day at least, just to get a taste for it. If it's not for you, you'll know it. University of Bristol was also a great university!
    My insurance was Cardiff University, where I would do French and German as well. The course is great and after going on open days and being invited to a taster day, I honestly recommend it. I have several friends going there to do languages too! Everyone there was so friendly and seemed very supportive. The facilities there are also great, and it's not far from the shopping centres So maybe it's worth checking it out in case you like it!
    From your criteria, if you visit them, you should be able to narrow down your choices, and if you're ever unsure it's always worth emailing the university or getting in contact with current students!
    It sounds like you've got the next few years planned out so you have plenty of time to check out every uni you'd like to visit, and if you really can't narrow your choices, or you only get so far, think about where you'd feel more comfortable, where you can really envisage yourself going. A language degree is far from pointless!

    Congratulations on your brilliant results too! Good luck with your A2's!

    I go to the University of Sheffield and their Germanic department is AMAZING. You will honestly not find a friendlier bunch of staff anywhere, the staff/students are tight as and if you're enthusiastic about your degree/work they're more than enthusiastic about helping you.

    I study Dutch as well as German and can say good things about that, too. Very interesting modules. Unfortunately because we're getting fewer and fewer students taking up German these days one or two modules that were around for me are no longer around (one on Germanic linguistics combined, one on politics and society), but the range is still good and there are a few newer modules that have appeared too.

    Warwick was my insurance, but that was for a science subject and personally I found it to be a less welcoming atmosphere. I know Sheff wasn't on your list but I wholly recommend it or at least checking it out (although I can't advise you on French, although I know French and Hispanic are both v. popular there) - the choice of languages for a MDL degree is immense, too.
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