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I know this is really minor and superficial, but are we allowed to use blu-tack or any other stuff to stick things on our walls with? Or are we restricted to pinboards?

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Of course you aren't allowed to use blue-tac, but you could always use white-tac :biggrin:
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ah is white-tac allowed then? excellent!
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Yeah you can get away with white tac as it doesnt leave the same yellow greasy stains that blue tac does.
You could probably get away with blu-tac as well to be fair, just depends on if your cleaner is a **** or not.
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would they actually check?? lol i have this mental image of cleaners going round pulling one corner of every poster up just to make sure it's got white not blu-tack sticking it to the wall...
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My cleaner never checked but then she was a legend and even did all the washing up for us. It depends if they report you when you move out for leaving big stains on the wall.
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My cleaner didnt care what we used, you are meant to only put posters on your pin-board but everyone had some up, the uni wouldnt allow endless poster sales if they actually cared!
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I believe the contract stated that you aren't allowed to stick anything on painted surfaces, but I'm pretty sure they don't care, unless you actually damage something. To be on the safe side, I used (the large) pinboard and then the door (Which isn't painted). They probably won't care unless you go overboard and your room ends up with a wallpaper of posters :P
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cant u just use masking tape or regular clear tape? those dont leave sticky stuff or anything.
Sellotape takes paint off walls guaranteed.
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To be fair, the notice board in my room was massive - practically the size of a whole wall.
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oh right. geez, they must use cheap paint.
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It's University accommodation. Hope you weren't expecting anything fancy, or you'll be sorely disappointed.
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It's University accommodation. Hope you weren't expecting anything fancy, or you'll be sorely disappointed.

Actually, some of the ensuite accommodation is quite fancy.
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well i wasnt expecting fancy...just paint that doesnt peel from clear tape.
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I think most paint would peel off if you left sellotape on it for 6 months!
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i suppose it would.
Also sellotape tends to destroy whatever you are sticking to the wall when you come to remove it, unless it is particularly shiny.
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Its a general rule which they try and stress to not use blue tac, but everyone does and no one really bothers about it so yeah go ahead!