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I only see my friends once every couple of weeks or so, and most of the time one a one-on-one basis. We don't usually have problems making conversation for an hour or two because obviously there's stuff to catch up on - what we've been up to since we last saw each other, gossip from mutual friends, recent news, films we've seen etc. However after a bit of time the conversation seems to run dry as the topics run out. I'll be going to university in September and so will be seeing the same people every day and going out in the evening with them etc. I just wonder how I'm going to be able to keep an interesting conversation going for so long each day... Eg while having breakfast, on the bus into uni, maybe at lunch together, pre drinks in the evening, then in the bar, etc etc every day. Obviously there will be things to talk about such as what's happened during the day, then of course films, music etc. But I just don't understand how people can keep a conversations up for hours every day?

I met up with a friend today in the pub and all we talked about were his recent holiday in Germany (which kept coming up), what I'd been up to, the new inbetweeners movie, other friends relationships, current events... No unique topics. I mean if we met up again tomorrow all these conversation topics would be exhausted so what would we talk about?

I wonder if people could help me? What are some example conversation topics that might come up between people who don't have this problem? Also are some topics repeated often?
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I used to be the same, but some how there's always something to say, and I learned that.

Sometimes, things that you don't feel are necessary maybe something they want to speak about eg what you did that evening, something you saw on tv etc. It doesn't have to be relative topics eg "this movie" but just more generally. There's a knack to move conversation on, such as talking about a movie, similar movies, movies you want to see, favourite actors, comparing favourite actors, songs they may have done, concerts you have seen, would like to see etc... All conversations are related to the next one. So just because you're talking about one topic, doesn't mean that it can't continue to something else.

Also, don't find it awkward to sit in silence, sometimes this happens with people. You don't expect to be in constant chatter 24/ 7 with someone, it is normal to have a break, so just take it in your stride.

A good way of starting new conversation if the previous is dead, is to talk about them, ask them a question, compliment them. Don't ask yes or no questions. eg "I like your hair, how did you do it? It really suits you! I could never do it like that, you may have to show me, do you think that style may suit me?" and it can go on and on, rather than the 5 second conversation "I like your hair....thanks".

repeated topics such as the news etc are always in circulation.

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