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    Basically I'm looking into whether I should apply to Cambridge or Oxford for Medicine. My AS results were 92% ums average over my top 3/ most relevant and my fourth non-science subject had 85% ums. My GCSEs were 10 a* and 1 a at GCSE. However I have a few worries:

    1. Is it that important that Oxford has more applicants per place than Cambridge and is this something significant that I should take into account? In that case, do I have a better chance of getting into Cambridge than Oxford?
    2. Are there any successful medical applicants who chose oxford over Cambridge because of its emphasis on GCSEs? It's a little demotivating as I would rather have chosen on which uni I like best rather than what works best for me. Most people have made it seem like Oxbridge applicants are so clever they don't have to think strategically in terms of results for where they want to apply - is this true for most?
    3. Should I consider the fact that Cambridge interview more people as a key factor in my decision? I'd love to have a chance to experience an Oxbridge tutorial style interview and what it's like but is this important.
    4. When considering Oxford and Cambridge for Medicine, what made you pick one over the other?

    I've asked a few people already who have given me advice but I would appreciate a wider
    pool of advice before making my decision! Thanks

    I don't study medicine but:

    1. No, you are already in a good position for applying to Oxford because of your 90%+ A*s at GCSE. Whereas 92% average UMS might not put you in quite as good a position (although don't get me wrong, it's still a perfectly good average for Cambridge) - so looking at the raw numbers is largely irrelevant. This isn't to say you have a better chance though, that's still difficult to determine faced with all the facts!

    2. Given that, out of all courses, getting into medicine seems to require the most hoop-jumping and strategic applications - I would say there will be plenty of Oxbridge applicants who choose Oxford over Cambridge on the basis of the selection process. Really, I think if one of Oxford or Cambridge appeals to you significantly more than the other you should apply there regardless; that said there are often more similarities than differences when comparing Oxford and Cambridge so resorting to applying more tactfully is not uncommon.

    3. To be honest, you'd have to do pretty poorly (by Oxford's standards) to not get an interview with your proportion and number of A*s at GCSE, so the fact Cambridge interview more should not factor into your decision (in my opinion).

    4. I don't study medicine as I mentioned, but the different admissions procedures between Ox/Cam did factor into my decision. Visiting both universities will help, if you haven't done so already, as both universities are 'designed' in quite different ways (or rather, I think Oxford's design stems from a lack of design and forward planning, but it's still beautiful and pretty awe-inspiring even after living here for three years).
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