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    Hi Guys,
    As you can see by the title i'm in the boat where people are mistaking me for being gay. As you can sense by the title i'm totally liberal in the sense of equality and rights. As i see nothing personally wrong with it, each and everyone to their own etc. I've have never had a sexual attraction to members of the same sex, only ever girls. But this hasn't stopped certain people from spreading harmful rumours about me, harmful in the sense that it would reduce my chance of finding someone I could possibly have a relationship with in the future. It is also true that i live in a narrow-minded community, so I get a lot of sniggers, and disparaging remarks, in the street. I won't go into to much detail, but i suffered extreme interpersonal trauma at the age of 3-7 that has got in the way of forming relationships, something that just surfacing , so i have always found it hard on a personal note, with attachment etc . Although i've had come-ons by a few guys, i've had to turn them down, it is quite frequent which personally makes me uncomfortable. So yeah I feel kind of stuck, bothered not by the people spreading the rumours but the decent girls willing to believe them. I mean what do i do move away, eventually i guess i should don't even know who's spreading it anymore. But i tend to get remarks or assumptions most places i go now a days. Where as before the rumour spread everything was fine I'm confused what happened! Like i said my only is it will stop finding someone in the end.

    Anyway guys
    Any advise would be awesome
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    You're not the first to experience this.

    There's so many people out there who are straight and more than comfortable with gay people, friends etc.

    If someone feels the need to spread rumours about you etc, then it really shows themselves up as having issues about their own sexuality. This is one of the biggest reasons why they do it. I have lots of straight mates and they're more than comfortable with my sexuality and it simply doesn't affect our friendship. Some of them are quite protective lol.

    Hard though it sounds, ignore the rumours. Only people who don't know you will listen and believe them. If any of your friends start to believe such idiotic things, then you need to question whether they are genuine friends? Only genuine friends will stand by you. We all get people who say nasty things or spread rumours in life, about anything - looks, lifestyle, the things you do. Not just sexuality.

    If you get come ons from guys, just do what you do and politely decline. Genuine people will understand! Those who make a fuss - shoo away!

    Hope this is of some help.
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    Hi Rouge182

    It's OP thanks for the advise mate, yeah it won't be much of a problem in the end. Your totally right. Shame these sorts of things go about though in general, it's sad regardless of what it is. But i guess that's society for you.
    Anyhow top man
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