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    I am hoping someone might see this from the University Of Leicester.
    I would like to speak to either a current student of Physics or a past student within the last year or so.
    I would like to know the good and bad side of the department if there is one.
    I think the more information you know the better. I know the Physics is 22nd in the league tables and has steadily stayed there.
    . Has anyone had a good or bad experience?
    . What are the masters degree results e.g how many 2:1?
    . What is it really like to live at Oadby for undergraduates?
    . Does anyone have any regrets of studying there?
    . How does anyone feel about the library with its self maintaining temperature system. It feels hot in there?
    . Is there any room anywhere else to study during exam time and before?
    . What is it like in the Gym onsite and offsite?
    . What about the societies is there some good run ones are there many?
    . The 02 i think its called whats that like?
    . The students union seems small is it often packed out with students?
    . Any positives to the Uni?
    . Any negatives to the Uni?

    Thank You So Much

    Hi I do physics at Leicester. I'm about to start my second year.
    Have you just finished your A-Levels? If so my first big tip is to pay no attention to league tables. I used to care so much but literally no-one cares. Loads of employers come to Leicester at the careers fair and there are partnerships with great companies so don't worry about it being 22nd etc etc. These newspapers tables change dramatically every few years, next year it could be 5th, the year after 30th.

    So your questions.
    Has anyone had a good or bad experience?
    I think I had the best experience I could possibly have studying physics at uni. I was not expecting it to be so good.
    They give you a huge textbook to start off with. Give. Yep. That's almost unheard of. And that really sets the tone off for how kind and understanding and supporting the department are! it's like a huge family where you get to learn what you love in an interesting way. They regularly keep tabs on what you do/do not like about the course and actually pay attention to you. The work was paced fast enough to push you but not so fast you feel overwhelmed. I actually learnt something whilst IN a final exam which was amazing, and the questions are sometimes fun. Tutorials and seminars are interesting and cause it's physics the people you're with are great and you spend so much time with them you'll make great friends.
    The bad? Well some lectures are boring as hell, and labs never go right and they make you write lab reports, but you get over it. Also 9am starts. All the time.

    No idea about masters results, but I'm guessing it's good?

    I didn't live at Oadby, sorry, but I'm sure it's fun. There's lots going on.

    Self maintaining temperature system? I had no idea. It can be hot. I didn't spend a lot of time in there as there was no need outside research for option courses as you have your textbook.

    yep there's the physics common room (with hot water and microwave)- another amazing thing about the department, we;ve got such a massive building dedicated just to us. Plus 1st years have their own huge room dedicated to them.

    No idea about the gym, sorry.

    There are many socialites, a lot of them good. Have a look at the SU website for more info.

    The O2 is alright. If you like clubbing it's cheap and bearable if you're drunk. Plus lots of people you know will go there and it's all students so no super weird old people.

    It's never 'packed out' but you may be pressed for seats in the main hall sometimes. I would say 60% of the time you can get a seat in the bit where starbucks is, and if not there;s upstairs, downstairs, in the other cafes in Charles wilson or in the physics common room, downstairs in the physics foyer, in the library cafe, Planets (another cafe) or in R-the first year physics room. Lots of space!

    Positives: it cares about it's students. it doesn't worry too much about reputation and is trying hard to make the experience as good as it can and value for money. Campus isn't too big and there's lots to do.

    negatives: some departments are better than others admittedly, but generally people love it. You've lucked out if you got physics, it's a great dept.
    The food is SO expensive though. They really need to make it cheaper. they once charged me 50p for hot water in a cup. The hot water in physics is free and so's the microwave. I would just bring your own stuff/tea/coffee in as they have cups to use in physics too. And a cheap vending machine for hot drinks (a saviour let me tell you) and another one for soft drinks that always breaks.
    Also the computers take 6 years to load. You will have finished your degree by the time you log on to one.

    Other than that it's great!
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