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New Imperial Medics beware!

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I just thought id revive this thread just to say a big up yours for convincing me not to buy passport and missed the first boat cruise...good thing i got it today, not gonna hang out at icu events anymore after tonight's events were dissapointing ---- its the truth u can argue all u want..nanannannnana

Theres always one obnoxious medic isn't there...
Learning at Imperial College London
Imperial College London
freshers roadshow last night was incredible!! Id even go as far as sayin it was beta than the boat party.
Then the pub crawl 2moro night!
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tbh im also pissed off that i missed the boat cruise cos of this topic. Go mangaroo!
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hmm i'm surprised that people are so negative about the advice - i left the option open and didn't tell you NOT to buy a passport, but just beware that there are other things going on besides Medic's Fortnight.

I didn't realise it was so hard to get individual tickets for some events - but luckily for you, Mangaroo, you managed to get to the boat party.

tbh, i'm not that big a fan of ICU events personally, but i do think people should get involved in hall events because they are generally amazing and the people you meet are the ones you'll be living with for the next year.
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hmm, yeah, the ICU events sucked this year.

the medics events have been good

hall events - going to the beit coming up dinner - looks good :smile: