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Speaker Statement: Recent EventsAt the risk of flogging a dead horse I've decided to give a fuller explanation for why things proceeded the way they did last week.

On Monday, I sent a message to the Speaker of the Reddit Model House of Commons to get in touch, mainly to make them aware of us, but also out of curiosity. The following morning it was revealed that the account of the Reddit Speaker (who is known as "timanfya" on Reddit) had been banned. Members were understandably irritated by this, thinking that the mod team had banned him for supposedly advertising an alternative platform. At the time, I believed that the RS account had been blocked for being the second account of a banned user ("timanfya" on TSR), who could possibly be a dupe of another user. I incorrectly shared this judgement with the House and asked for people to leave it be, whilst I contacted the mod team over the matter to try and get some clarification (which is still not forthcoming).

A group of moderators then intervened (rather aggressively) in the Commons Bar thread, in response to the complaints they'd received. What followed was an argument spanning several pages discussing a live moderation decision -- this contravenes three big rules, one: that we do not discuss moderation issues outside of AAM, two: that the Commons Bar remain a place for light chat, not bickering, and three: that we do not bait or antagonise other users. (The rules that apply in the House, both site-wide and MHoC-specific, can be viewed in the stickied TSR Model House of Commons Guidelines.)

I'm not going to name names here but as I said the people who broke these rules were both normal users and moderators. With this in mind, two things have happened following this drama, the first being the institution of a one-week removal (from their party) of a single user who had specifically been warned about getting involved with further trouble. In addition, the Debate & Current Affairs section of this site no longer has a section leader mod.

So, in conclusion, I think the two biggest issues thrown up by this are the current problems we're having in our relationship with the moderation team (i.e., I have been informed that there're users operating dupes in the House right now, but for whatever reason this information is not being acted upon, nor shared with us). The second is that we need to be much clearer on what the rules are, especially for the Commons Bar, but also with regards to 'probationary periods' for users that commit serious rule-breaches.
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