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    I do have a few outfit ideas but i have like 3. And I can't just wear 3 outfits. Can someone please suggest something? Tell me what you wear?

    Also I'm looking for a nice bag probably a backpack, can someone help me out with that too, maybe post a link if you can?

    thanks sooo much

    -Hannah, knowsley community college in September.

    SheInside have LOADS of nice clothes from £10-£15! ASOS I also recommend. If you're into the high street then I recommend New Look, Topshop, River Island. Just get jeans, some skirts and shirts that you're comfortable in! Nobody cares what you wear aslong as you turn up in something that's not too revealing. Like a simple pair of skinny jeans and hoodie does wonders!

    Zara does some nice bags if you're willing to splurge, if not Accessorize, and the high street shops Ive mentioned above are good!

    There are a few cheap online stores like sheinside, romwe and choies.

    As for backpacks, i've had my jansport backpack for 3 years now and it's still very sturdy (i guess it's more popular in the US than in the UK). I'm also thinking of buying a backpack from herschel supply co. Both jansport and herschel backpacks have tons of amazing designs

    TheStyleState.Com great for evening dresses etc! delivery is only £3.00 and free returns if you change your mind! refunds processed in less than 5 days which is much quicker than any of the big brands! follow on facebook for great offers and discount codes x facebook.com/thestylestate

    When I was at college I wore mostly jeans and tops, jumpers and floaty shirts. Nobody is too fussed at what you wear. Just wear something you'll be comfy in. Hope I helped

    Get some basics you can mix up so you don't have to buy too many items.
    Light wash jeans
    Dark jeans
    Basic tees
    Other tops depending on what you wear e.g. checked shirts, denim shirts
    A couple of jumpers
    2 or 3 pairs of shoes + skirt etc. depending on what you wear

    Look online for cheaper deals.
    Depending on your budget for a backpack, Fjallraven Kanken classic bags looks nice (I'm trying to justify buying one!) cheapest place I have seen is this, even with the £6 delivery http://www.revolveclothing.com/fjall...d/dp/FJAL-UA2/
    I have a Jansport and Eastpak rucksack and I would say the Eastpak one looks nicer. Here is one at a cheaper price than normal http://www.getthelabel.com/fcp/produ...ack-bags/34722

    I found some really nice backpacks in Accessorize, and they were only about £40

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    What I did is I bought basic items (t-shirts, hoodies etc) from cheap shops like H&M, and then accessorised them with smaller things from more expensive shops. Jeans (because I'm short with skinny legs) are something I usually need to spend a little more on for them to fit me, but H&M sell basic jeans for £7.99 which work fine for most people. Bear in mind you don't need to buy for summer just yet, because you can go shopping later, and your style will tend to evolve a lot throughout your first few months at sixth form. Most days I wear an oversized t-shirt, a pair of black skinny jeans or leggings, my DMs, sometimes a necklace, and then sometimes I add a flower crown if I'm in the mood. Tbh you don't need to worry about never repeating an outfit - I wore more or less the same thing on most days in year 12, and no one really noticed!
    If you want a list of everything you should have, I'm going to put one here, but be aware this will vary from person to person - like when I was going into year 12, another thread told me a black tube skirt was an essential, but I don't remember ever wearing one to sixth form!

    - A decent number of t-shirts
    - One or two long sleeved tops
    - One or two shirts/blouses (preferably one of which could double up as formal wear)
    - At least one pair of skinny jeans
    - One or two pairs of shorts (to wear with tights in autumn, and/or maybe on their own in summer)
    - One really warm cardigan
    - At least one hoodie
    - If you wear skirts, at least one black skirt in your preferred style
    - Several pairs of leggings
    - Several pairs of tights (at least one pair should be black or tan, so they work for formal wear)
    - A pair of black pumps
    - A pair of canvas shoes
    - A warm pair of boots, preferably waterproof
    - A warm scarf and hat

    Extra bits and bobs (to add according to your style):
    - Some looser jeans
    - Necklaces, bracelets, wristbands (can make it look like you made an effort when you didn't)
    - Hair accessories, like scrunchies and hairbands (which again make you look like you tried when you didn't)
    - Lighter scarves for autumn/spring
    - One or two dresses
    - Shoes with a bit of a heel

    As for bags, I recommend a rucksack - I got mine from Accesorize last year, and it's actually held out really well, but I have heard Eastpak make good bags too (although they can be pricey).

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